scenes from a marriage

December 5, 2009

me:  hey jon, i don't have a burp cloth.  can you toss me that one from over there on the newel post?

jon:  (blank stare)

me:  you know, the newel post?  right there?

jon:  ....

me:  that's what it is, right?  a newel post?

jon:  (now staring at me and dancing in place)

me:  no really, that's what it is, right? right?! come on!

jon:  (dancing)

me:  but... it is, right?  it's a newel post.  we learned about it... on the... remodeling show....  and the guy, he replaced the...  with the period...   i....

jon:  (still dancing silently)

me:  ...

jon:  yeah ok fine, that's what it is.


Adam Claxon

I pretty sure I've seen this happen many times.

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