so this is (almost) christmas

December 21, 2009

christmas as an adult is... less than exciting.  you get two days off work to spend time awkwardly interacting with people who you only see a few times a year and then... you go back to work.  but having a family, even though jude has no clue what's going on right now, is like a christmas magic repair kit.  christmas is fun again!  SHAZAM- the magic is BACK!

this year i actually feel like listening to christmas music, baking holiday foods (no matter how badly that pie recipe failed jon, sorry), and genuinely being nice to people... even strangers.  having a kid brings back all the fun of the season; the anticipation, the decorating, the smells, the laughing.  it's pretty awesome, really.  because it is far superior for children and as an adult it really sort of sucks.  being a parent somehow makes christmas fun again.  so here's to christmas time, though i continue to stand by last year's inflammatory rant about putting the christ back in christmas, that doesn't mean it can't be oh-so-good this year with the wee little jude.

we spent the weekend relaxing- doing laundry for the travel next week, listening to christmas music and harry potter on disk while i wrapped all the presents, and of course baking the infamous pie which did not go well and we later fed to bang to fatten her up a bit (here's a hint- sweetened condensed milk is no substitute for lots and lots of sugar, no matter what the instructions say).  the sweet potatoes though, were (and still are! as leftovers) divine.  we've watched a muppet christmas carol and elf, and now here are a few things to spread the holiday cheer:


Ky (Two Pretzels)

Sweet potatoes are a gift from God. Sorry about the pie.

I adore Christmas. :) Hope yours with the three of you (I mean FIVE of you), is really great!


i LOVE the muppets!! Thank you for brightening my day!

Iris Took

THANK YOU so much for posting Carol of the Bells by the Muppets. I just peed my pants a little.


Merry Christmas!

wrestling kitties

Love the muppets! This is too fun!

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