weekend recap (now with more baby!)

December 7, 2009

we spent the weekend in pittsburgh visiting jon's sister and her husband for our nephew jonah's baptism.  it was tons of dog and baby filled fun.  plus a friend of jon's let me borrow his fancy-fance camera for the weekend and oh god, how i love theeeeeee expensive camera.  ZOMG <3 <3  i want to lick it.  so i took about ten billion pictures and i never ever want to give it back, except this morning when i had to.

it is lots of fun having the two cousins together though.  it's amazing how they can be so similar because babies that same age all do the same things (eg leg kicking, flopping around, blowing bubbles) but at the same time be so very different.  different schedules (or lack thereof) and different personalities.  jonah seems more social to me.  he smiles and flirts and interacts.  jude is... gigantic.  and he likes to watch, watch everything.  he's very zen.  he's in his own world of learning about seeing stuff and he doesn't particularly care who is paying attention to him.  and he's really into squawking and yelling and making jude noises.

now that it has finally snowed you know what happened?  do you, internet?  do you know my troubles?  my shoe has a hole in it.  the shoes i wear every day to work.  and now, by virtue of this stupid hole, snow fills up my shoe when i walk.  and my flatiron broke over the weekend.  balls.

now, what you're really here for today:  pictures of babies and dogs.

 jonah munching on his handmade baptism sweater

good morning world!

 my mr. nico, who the first night tried to sleep with us on the air mattress like a jerk
and stole all the blankets. 

i got some suberb shots of bangerang.  seriously.

lil miss creepster.

i just met you but i love you.

my boys.

gotta love a babywearing dad.  wear that baby with pride, yo!

god i love this thumbsucker.

but jonah is pretty damn tasty too.

why so serious, jude?

oh the trouble we're in when these boys can walk.



Great pics!


These are about the cutest babies I've ever seen in my whole life. I think they look a lot alike, too. The pictures are perfect!

Mickey D.

Those are two of thee cutest little boys I've seen. I'm locking up my daughter as soon as she gets here :)

the grumbles

your daughter!! AHHHHHHH!


I want to roll around on the floor and wrastle with Bang.

Athena thinks your son is cute.

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