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January 25, 2010

holy crap you guys! all of a sudden last thursday jude decided he could sit up. no practicing, no leading up to it, just BAM, oh this? yeah, i'm sitting up mom, what about it?

he's also all of a sudden learned to roll around all crazy in his crib and roll onto his stomach and attempt to eat his nightlight. it worries me to go in there and suddenly find him in the corner on his face, but what can you do?? i guess clearly if he was strong enough to roll over there he is strong enough to roll back and get air.

those damn tricky babies, getting all mobile and whatnot.

hey guys. yep, just sittin here, surrounded by pillows in case i fall down.

i mean- WHAT? I'M SITTING UP?!

HOLY CRAP, quit taking pictures and HELP ME, something crazy is happening!


Ky (Two Pretzels)

He's growing up! Already!? I love those pictures.

(I totally wigged about the rolling/sleeping face-down thing, too. I'm with you,though - if they get themselves into that spot, often times they can get themselves out.)

That is one cute child. I mean, come on.

the grumbles

I just wanted to tell you all that the only thing in focus in those pictures is Jude's hand/wrist and it's DRIVING ME CRAZY. I'm aware of the blurries- that's what happens when a little person wobbles to and fro while you take pictures of him in low light.

so, I'M SO SORRY. but mostly sorry to myself, because every time i look at this i want to punch the computer.


Yay, Jude!! He is growing up so fast. And he looks completely freaked out by his newfound ability to sit up.

Ky (Two Pretzels)

(Um, as if I ever have a non-blurry picture of Lila. It's not possible at this age. Unless you turn your ISO up WAY high, then the pics are crappy and grainy. You win some, you lose some.

I still think the pics are uber cute.)

Kelly Lynn

The pictures ARE great, and I love the crash pads all around Jude!


Hilarious! I love the "nest" you have him in. I just got my midget a helmet and let him bounce back up like a weeble.

wrestling kitties

He is like, "screw this laying down shit, I am ready to get up and get moving!" Love it!


Such cute pictures! Jude is one talented baby, wow!! Also that is possibly the cutest "help me!" face ever :-)

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