For Sale

January 17, 2010

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one-of-a-kind Jude
now only $79.99
in the men's section next to some tshirts at J Crew

save 10% on your purchase when you sign up for a Jude account card!

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This made me laugh, soooo cute! I'll bet he sells super fast...

Thanks for the encouragement. Waiting for baby to come is so hard! I know once I'm actually in labor though I'll be screaming, "WHY did I rush this? It HURTS!!!" For now we'll just keep walking two hours a day, eating tons of pineapple (like that's really gonna work...ha ha), and trying to not think about the whole painful part of labor...

Mickey D.

Do you take checks?

Ky (Two Pretzels)


Lila has asked that we buy Jude because she said he looks friendly.

Can you please provide your wire information?


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