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January 27, 2010

Jon and I have been planning for over a year now to redo our bedroom. Our bedroom furniture is absolutely ridiculous. There was nothing wrong with the actual bed (besides being ugly) but the dressers we had were blue children's dressers from value city furniture. They only had... four drawers. Total.  I can assure you that this was NOT AT ALL enough space for all our things which meant that our floor was constantly eclipsed by piles and piles of laundry, both dirty and clean and some in the middle. It was past time for some real adult furniture up in this piece. So about a year ago, we made "the plan." I told several people about this magical plan along the way (and blogged about it) and they all looked at me like I was, as they say, a mentalist.

you're going to do WHHHAAT?  and lo and behold, that crazy WHHHAAT is now our complete and utter glory.  SUCK IT, DOUBTERS.

My parents were kind enough to come down a few weekends ago to watch the jude while we did all the laborous parts, the moving and scraping and painting and glueing. Just this past weekend we finally finished up. I don't know what's wrong with those other lazy new parents- during naptime, we do construction projects! Ok, only kidding, we are insane.

I'm being kind of vague about what exactly we did. Let me clear that up: We painted everything black. Walls, ceiling, FLOOR. Black as black as black as black as, I don't know, something really black. To be specific, ralph lauren bone black. This photo was our original inspiration:

Are you ready for the photos?
Well come on in, let me give you the tour!

before 2

This was our room before. Sort of before, jon started moving things out before I could get there with the camera. For the record, we did NOT paint the walls that boring creme color- they were like that when we moved in.

before 1

Do you see my child-sized dresser? So sad and pathetic. Goodbye! And also, the carpet. Take a long, hard look at it.  ...and then it was gone, never to be heard from again.

(Not really, we took it upstairs to the attic.)


That was underneath said carpet. It actually wasn't half bad but we're planning to tell people who still think we are crazy that the floor was, "so terribly damaged we just HAD to paint it."  Had to.  Prime away!


From all creme to... all white.


and the moment was finally here... BLACK AS BLACK AS BLACK. It was terrifying.


I gave a sneak preview of the floor, last week, after its many layers of polycoat, and oh my, is it sexy.  And shiny. And GAH. I think we should make out.

four poster

There it is. The new bed is a four poster! It actually used to be yellow and jon painted it, we got it on the supa clearance. Not pictured: new mattress. It is loooove between the new mattress and I.

so lovely

The print above the bed is one we already had but we added the wood wall treatments around it. You know what they are? They're the placemats from our wedding. (Tré cute, if you ask me, and also, glued to the wall with liquid nails, so I'm awfully glad that it looks good. If it didn't... I shudder to think of what we would have to do to get them off.)


This is my {new} bank of dressers. The curtains are velvet. Oh sweet, rusty velvet. And whoops... I forgot to put the drill away.


My new vanity location! The chair and vanity are the same but I got an upgraded mirror, one that isn't blurry. It's very difficult to do your makeup in a blurry mirror, except I never wear makeup, so I guess that was actually a loss.

do it!

This hangs above jon's bank of dressers. It makes me laugh.

the infamous lamp

New nightstand! The lamp was a wedding gift. It always looked silly in our room before but now it fits into edgar allen poe's bedroom quite well. Welcome back, crazy lamp.


Here's a shot of all the fabrics. Left to right they are faux fur blanket (pottery barn), black blanket I made a few years ago, new gigantic quit (dwell studio target), and fuzzy pillow (pottern barn again). Pottery barn loves the furries almost as much as I do.

I know that's going to lead to some inappropriate google results right there. "Loves the furries"- oh dear.


The floor. Oh, floor. And our adorable radiator. There are a few perks to living in a zillion year old house.


So, there it is. Finally, adult bedroom ahoy. I think it turned out better than I expected, actually. You know what all this tells us, right? We watch way too much HGTV; and always have faith in the grumbles. At least in matters of art and design and craftiness. In matters of sports or facts or direction or time telling you're off the hook.



Good lord that is utterly and completely gorgeous. I am so jealous. I've gotta know... How many coats of black paint and poly? That's quite an undertaking. Now I want to paint my entire bedroom black (oh, I'm a teenager all over again!)

and I lurve Ralph Lauren paint. Isn't it fantastic?

Iris Took

WOW! Way to take the plunge - you are super daring to paint the wall and floor black and what an amazing pay-off!

How good does it feel that you guys did it yourselves?

Nice work - LOVE the before and after photos.

Candice Olsen, eat your heart out.


It looks AWESOME!!! I like dark colors in bedrooms... all the better for sleeping. :) We're trying to buy a house right now and the entire thing is a blah cream color - I can't wait to spice it up!!! Might have to do our bedroom in black. :)


You know, I would never in a jillion years think to paint a room black, but that looks AMAZING. I wanna get in there and take a nap or something.

Good job, it looks straight out of a fancy magazine!


Wow. That room is just spectacular! Such style! I love it.

hopefuls #1

Can I curl up in that room/bed and take a nap... forever? I mean, it's just dreamy! Beautiful.... stunning... breath taking....

Ky (Two Pretzels)

Amazing. FINE job. Love it. LOVE the floor, especially.

And, I really like that lamp.

So cool.

(Loved how you had us jump to another page on the 'ole blog. That'll be good for the 'ole analytics. Yep. I'm a dork.)

Ashley, The Accidental Olympian

I need to sack up and get some serious decorating balls. Your bedroom looks absolutely amazing. Something I would expect to see in a magazine...

Thanks for sharing, I'm going to go dream of a new bedroom myself.


Yeah when I read that you were painting everything all black I was thinking you were maybe a little too brave. But that is just stunning. What a great job!


I am DROOLING. Excellent job. I'm jealous of your uber cool room.

(When you had posted the pics earlier of your doggie on your new floor, never would I have guessed that you had PAINTED it! It looks so pristine! It looks like it's always been shiny black.)

Maggie May

dayyyammn! great job!


LOVE the radiator (don't really have em in Oz) and LOOOOVE the doggy! Room looks sooo good! Wish my mine looked that fancy!

the grumbles

interested parties
we did two coats of primer on the floor (actually, on everything) with our favorite primer, Killz. we buy it in those huge 5 gallon buckets (again, crazy).

then two coats of the black paint (we use only Olympic brand paint after a painting fiasco in Jude's room. Olympic is the shiiit in old houses where you need the paint to STICK).

then two coats of polycrylic, which is a clear coat shiny sealer similar to regular poly but water based. i probably would have liked to do even more coats of the poly but one quart = one coat and we only bought 2 and there was no way i was driving back to the store so... 2 coats it is.

wrestling kitties

That is AWESOME! Seriously, what an amazing room!!! Fantastic job!! I love how you used the placemats as well, VERY creative!!

Mickey D.

Freakin LOVE it!

We painted a small wall in our house black and I love it! But a whole room looks amazing! I appreciate the risk you took, you guys have good style. You should call HGTV.


Seriously? When people decorate I don't get that excited but this time I'm going to make an exception because I love this. I really, truly think it's the best re-design I've seen in years and years. I love how you guys think outside of the box.

Amber, The Unlikely Mama

That is so freakin' magnificent! I am in awe and totally jealous. I really want to paint my downstairs wood floors black. We have black wood laminate in the kitchen, and I think the rest of the house needs to match too :-)


Great post, been after that =D

-My Regards,

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