the peekaboo effect

January 10, 2010

...We're calling it Peekaboo Ending because it relies on the same ass-backwards logic that makes infants squeal with delight when someone hides and unhides their face. When we're born, we believe that things stop existing if we can't see them. To an infant's mushy, half formed brain, peekaboo looks like their mom is blinking in and out of existence with a stupid look on her face. Roughly translated, those squeals mean, "Holy shit, moms a wizard."


wrestling kitties

Holy Shit, I peed a little when I saw this clown on your blog...scary!

Other than that this peekaboo thing is funny! You are a wizard!


Hilarious!!! I never thought about it like that before...I'm totally going to try to find a way to convince my 10 year old I'm a wizard...I might have to find something other than peekaboo though...she figured that one out already. ;)


This is hilarious!! First time reader love your blog, so cute!


Haha just stumbled across your blog and love it - the peekaboo thing is just what we are going through right now. Brilliant :)

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