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January 20, 2010

for those of you who have so kindly inquired, we are all feeling much better.  jude's doctor said he sounds much improved because all the stuffiness is in his nose/throat and out of his lungs.  we're phasing out the nebulizer!  and, knock on wood, we're going to send the stupid thing back to wherever it came from.  so still some snot going on, but really, so much better.  though he is now losing his voice for whatever reason and hopefully this doesn't jinx our healthy progress.

voiceless squeaking baby = cutest thing ever.
and that's the word.



If I were you I'd keep the nebulizer if you can- unless it's rented. Our insurance covered one...My 3 boys have all needed it at one time or another with colds and such. Usually if a lil' one needs it, it is common to happen again thru the growing process. Good luck!

the grumbles

it is both rented AND not covered by our insurance. OUT, damn nebulizer, OUT!

Ky (Two Pretzels)

Yay. Glad to hear all is well!

(We bought a nebulizer down here for like $70. Apparently there's no such thing as a rentable Mexican nebulizer. Super-annoying purchase.)

the grumbles

WHAT??? they are charging us... $750!!!!

john cave osborne

quick note to say i hope you guys are feeling better and that i'm sorry the comment i just posted offended you.

upon reflection, you're right. it was inappropriate, and i am sorry.

hope the progress towards health continues!

john cave osborne

oh, and one more thing, there was a punctuation in that comment you may have missed. still sorry, though!

the grumbles

um, john cave osborrne... i was making a joke. i liked your comment and thought it was funny. i was NOT AT ALL offended.

(other readers, we are discussing comments made on Dad Gone Mad's new post, here)


Found your blog recently and loving it :) Been reading through your archives bit by bit :)

Just want to say Holy Cow!! $750 for a nebuliser.

They cost around R450 here (South Africa) which equals about $64

Just signed myself and the new hubby up for medical aid so also feeling the medical costs pinch - safer to have it rather than not though

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