sick baby, oh noes!

January 13, 2010

jude has had a snotty nose type of cold since christmas.  it's not been a big deal- no fever, no concerns.  all of a sudden over the weekend he was coughing, and coughing, and coughing... and coughing and coughing and coughing and coughing (you get the picture).  when i picked him up from the babysitter's on monday she told jon she thought he had (dun dun dun...) the croup.  but when i took him to the doctor yesterday they knew almost immediately that it wasn't croup by the terrible wheezing he was making.  i didn't notice, or at i least wasn't looking for the right things, before we got to the doctor how hard he was working to get air.  gasping, coughing, sucking it in.  he has bronchiolitis, the inflammation of the bronchioli caused by a cold virus that has gone awry to the tiny baby chest.

really it's mostly a wait-it-out thing, since it's a virus.  but they gave us two breathing treatments at the office and now we have to have a home nebulizer so we can give him the same treatments at home every 4-6 hours.  this would be not really a big deal if my insurance hadn't just switched to a high-deductible type HSA as of january 1st, which means we pay ALL our costs out of pocket until we reach the (ridiculously high) deductible limit.  so, i'm not going to be all boo-hoo about it, but... boo hoo, medicine is expensive.  and this "home nebulizer" thing, probably also not free.

for a new mom, even though i try to stay pretty relaxed, there's always that constant paranoia, is my child still breathing?  i poke my head in at night and check on him after bedtime.  still breathing!  i worry that the monitor has suddenly died and i won't hear him choke, or that he's stopped breathing and i'll never know it.  i worry when i put him in his carseat that the straps will be too tight and squeeze the air right out of him and he'll choke and die.  still breathing back there?  check!  anyway, i have a lot of these silly worries.  i think lots of people do.  but now it's been multiplied by a billion.  they told me to watch him for signs of fast breathing and struggling for air so i could rush him to the emergency room.  he's been sleeping better than ever now that he has a cold and i've been sleeping worse than ever, eyes wide awake watching... and waiting... and watching... still breathing?  are you ok?

so i'm home from work and having so much fun! cramming the nebulizer mask over his face every few hours while he screams and screams and sucks in our outrageously expensive medicine mist.  i don't know why they think that making the mask in the shape of a purple rhino is really going to help kids not freak out, because it totally doesn't help.  wish us luck in our un-sick endeavors.

what is there to do with a sick baby?  take video of him, of course!  you'll be happy to hear his mood hasn't suffered at all- at the doctor they've taken to calling him, "the happy, wheezy baby."



Ugh, I so understand your frustration with insurance - here is a post I just wrote yesterday -

WAY annoying.

I hope little Jude feels better soon!!


BTW, this is Josey...just had to change where my other blog was publishing...long story. :P

Kelly Lynn

Hope your little boy feels better soon...sick babies are no fun!!

I know what you mean about being worried your baby is still breathing...I still go into my 2-year-old's room occasionally to lay my hand on his chest. But with the twins I do it at least once a night, oftentimes more :)

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