so, i need your help

January 26, 2010

You walk into your baby's room and see that they are fast asleep on their stomach- what do you do?

roll them back over and risk waking them up

leave them alone

leave them alone but become incredibly paranoid

use a sleep positioner

my kid never did this


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and now, please settle this constant argument between jon and i:

do colored sprinkles have a flavor?

yes, they have their own unique taste

yes, but they taste just like sugar

no, they taste like nothing

no, they are a pallate cleanser

sprinkles are a stupid topping for anything


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and then, this happened:



Crayons! Taste like tiny crayons! They even leave that weird waxy coating on your mouth... Not that I have eaten crayons.. Honest.

Oh, and if Mr. Jude can get himself on his tummy and back when he is awake, I wouldn't worry about it when he is sleeping.


I totally agree with RMMama. They are super waxy tasting sugar, leaving a coat of lard on the roof of your mouth. Love them on baked goods, but I wouldn't eat them by themselves. :-)


If he is rolling over and such on his own, and can hold himself in the "pushup" position, I wouldn't worry too much. My son ONLY sleeps on his face. I spent the first 6 months of his life hovering over him like an apparition while he slept.

Stoopit me.

wrestling kitties

Ok, I may not have answered seriously with the sprinkles question but I am not a good judge. I believe each colored M&M tastes different. So I think anything with a different color has a different flavor, even sprinkles...mainly because my mind says so. I bet they really do not taste different, but in my head they do!

Bill LaVine

Rainbow sprinkles have their own unique flavor however I can't vote on it because apparently when you read blog entries four years after they are written the polls don't exist anymore. I would appreciate knowing what the verdict was. PATY

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