so it was written and so it shall be done.

January 14, 2010

i heard someplace that it is/was/will be national delurking week.  so i want to hear from you, every one of you!  i want to learn about you, i know i have more readers than commenters by far.

so HEY YOU!  stop lurking around out there and SAY HELLO!

no matter when you read this post, today, tomorrow, five weeks from now.  i can't speak for other bloggers but when you take the time to comment, even to say something stupid, it makes my little heart just explode with excitement.  you LIKE me, you really LIKE me!  ...or you totally don't like me but still come here and read all the crap that my brain spits out into this keyboard!  which is close enough.  so tell me something about yourself, something random, or tell me why you keep visiting here, or tell me how pretty my bangerang is (that sounds dirty...).

llama says, comment today, on all the blogs you read!  spread the love.
so it was written.  and so it shall be done.

now here's some deliciously artsy photos of miss bang on our new bedroom floor.  more on the new bedroom later but i just could resist sharing these.  i'm in love, real love, with these pictures and i want to shout it from the rooftops.  shots like this with my old mediocre camera make my skin itch and it heart thump to {secretly} wish i was a real photographer.  ...ooooor not so secretly.  i definitely wish i was a photographer.



Um, AMAZING pictures! Wow!

I comment here from time-to-time, and I keep coming back because I LOVE the way you write. Whether it be about breast feeding or dogs or hilarious holiday "mishaps," you've got a way with words that I enjoy!

(And, I may be stealing this "idea" from you!)

Iris Took

Spreading the love - and I love your doggy.

Mr. the Grumbles.

you yelled at me on the phone, so I had to come on your bliggity-blog and post a comment or you might punch me in the head.

the grumbles

alright, alright. no head punch for you... for now.


I only just found you, but I've fallen head-over-heels in like with you. You have a way with words, your wit and sarcasm are better than mine (wah!), and you're nice to look at. Oh, and if you don't already realize this, you ARE a photographer. I cannot take photos like that. They are insane.

Ky (Two Pretzels)

You know how I feel about bang. She's precious. I covet your new camera.
And, I too, *adore* comments on my blog. (They inspire you to keep writing, no?)

*Thanks* for all of your comments on my blog. Much appreciated.

(I constantly ask C. why he refuses to comment on my blog. Way to go, Mr. the grumbles.)


I agree with Alicia - you are a photographer! I love the pics you post; it's part of what keeps me coming back. :)

Here's to you having a shit ton of blog comments today (is that even an appropriate amount?!). What a good feeling that is!

Sarah W

I may have told you this already - I found you through Two Pretzels blog & I think you are super funny and insightful. I really enjoy your posts, even though I don't actually know you. I'm a graphic designer too, by the way.

And your dog is precious.


I found you through Mr. Claxon, who told me about your 'crying while pregnant' blog. But I think I told you that before. I come back because Jude is adorable, I think you're witty, and I'm trying to decide if I want to breastfeed this Bean and you inspire me to do so.

So, if you ever get tired of me commenting on your blog, you have Adam to blame!


I am Nadja and I don't own socks. (True story.)

I heart Bang and the wee one... but you know what I really heart? Nico's smile.


Not lurking...

I found you through someone else's blog (can't remember whose) and I have since visited here and there.
I love the pictures of your baby and dogs, and you do have a way with words.
So, not lurking.


I found you through Two Pretzels! And I think your blog is super cool because you write about real stuff. You are honest and I truly appreciate that. Greatly. And your little boy? Oh my he's super precious. And, we both live in the 'nati! Yay!


Hi. It's Lori. I think I found you by clicking through one of your comments on my blog, back when I used to blog. (I have every intention of blogging again in the near future, when I get around to it.)

But enough about me, this is your blog -- and it's fantastic. Beautiful pictures. Beautiful son.


I comment you even on de-lurking day because I think you're a great mommy and a really snazzy photographer.


Hello! I think I found you when you commented about NaBloPoMo on mine. I do love to read your bloggy though. We think a lot alike. Don't always have time to comment though. Your little man and my little man are very close in age I believe too. K is a mid September baby. Well, they are both mid September. With in hours of being exactly two years apart as a matter of fact. Anyway, keep at it mama!


those are fantastic pictures!!! nice new floor too!

Anonymous work with're friends with me...and you took 9 hours of your time to paint a mural of our dog floating in space on our kid's wall. sooooo, yea, i'm cool with ya.


I come here because I've been stalking you and your family over the internet for going on 13 years now. Your blogs are always well written with a smart, sharp and quirky inner monolog that only someone who spent to many years watching adult swim could produce. You also get props for throwing the most fun wedding ever. -That and you also never make fun of me for my spelling or grammar deficiency.


hello there i can't remember how i came across your weblog, because i have a 7 week old daughter and she is systematically sucking out my braincells each time she nurses...but i do know that i keep coming come back to read about your parenting adventures with mr. jude.


Hi! My name is Amber and I’m an Aries. I love dogs, hate cats and have never gone for a long walk on a beach. (Although I did see the Atlantic Ocean for the first time this fall.)

I read your blog because you often say things I'm too afraid to say. That kind of straightforwardness and honesty is pretty darn awesome.


P.S. I liked your life list. And I think you're funny.

Laura Opfer

jamie- i'm a reader and lurker. hope that isn't too creepy sounding...i love your blog! it makes me wish that i still lived in northside so we could have been sanity supporters for each other during those first 2 crazy months with babies. you have a wonderful wit and way with words and sometimes it's like you're in my head. your blog inspires me to start writing again myself. i'm gonna get on that one of these days. perhaps a blog of my own. it was great to see you at new year's. hope we can see you guys over the summer when we're up for a few weeks. keep writing sister :)

Written Permission

Count me as one of those "five weeks later" gals... Oops.

I'm rather new to your blog, but I very much enjoy your writing style and plan to keep reading! :) I'm a friend of Two Pretzels', the purveyor of my own handy-dandy blog, a writer by trade (albeit in the corporate world, which...yeah) and enjoyer of great writing all-around.

So...keep up the great work! :)

Bill LaVine

Five weeks later or three and a half years later... Really enjoying reading about your experiences with Jude. I am sad to see that one of the pups did not make it to the current time. I never should have clicked on the about me tab. Hoping that by the time I catch up with "current time" you will have gotten more involved with photography as it can be very rewarding. I actually need to get back on track with mine. Thanks for this blog, its giving me a lot to look forward to when my son is born in November.

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