what's up with jude? the four month jude breakdown.

January 4, 2010

hi everybody! i'm four months old and stuff.

sometime between this week and last week jude turned four months old. i know! four months! where oh where does the time go?  i've noticed that i haven't written a lot about what exactly the jude is up to these days.  and that's because until very recently it was a whole lot of nothing.  babies don't do a whole lot.  but as months three (and now four) are moving along he is less of a lumpy needy floppy THING and more of a... kid.  he's learning and growing and actually DOING STUFF.  let me illustrate this point for you very very clearly:

jude, three days old

jude, three and a half months old

today he had his four month checkup at the pediatrician.  result?  big healthy baby.  he is modestly monstorous, at 25.5 inches with short little legs and weighing in at 16 lbs 7 oz.  this boy doesn't miss a meal (trust me, that is not an option).  still nurses every. two. hours. that's the price to pay for a rolly jolly little zen boy i guess.

so what's going on in the world of jude?  hands.  did you know that you have them at the end of your arms?  because jude has discovered them and they delicious.  and AMAZING.  mind blowing even.  and he rolls over,  plays with toys, and spends an inordinant amount of time trying to stand up.  mostly though, he is the zen baby.  watching.  following.  learning.  sitting.  talking.  watching.  laugh and smile and flirt.  falling asleep every night at 8:30 to the decemberists.  he's very in to music.  this is the age where babies transform to be a lot more fun and engaging.

since month two jude had slept from 8:30pm to 4am, eat, then back to sleep until 7:00.  it has been magical bliss.  i never told you for fear that spilling my glorious guts to the internet would jinx it.  why am i telling you now?  because it's totally ruined.  every single night since december 23rd he has woken up to eat at night every two hours.  thanks holiday traveling!  great!  he still puts himself to sleep at bedtime just fine, he just wakes up for snack breaks.  oh well.  this too shall pass, eventually.  he's also been battling a cold off and on which has complicated thing even more.  but not sleeping is part of the parenting package, it's not exactly a surprise.  so we move on.

it finally seems to have occurred to young master jude that there are people and then there is MAMA.  yesterday he was grouchy and fussy, chewing on everything and whining.  jon and i take turns entertaining him while we're at home and jon had him and he fussed and fussed.  ...until he gave jude to me, and he turned to jon and smirked.  i am, evidently, very awesome all of a sudden.  it is both flattering and inconvenient because he wants my whole and total attention.  like, right now.  so... bye!

dadtime afternoon (b&w), originally uploaded by Grumbles&Grunts.



I adore his legs. I would really, really, really like to pinch them.


Hello! Followed you here from my blog. I have to say that you sound like a very laid-back mama, and I am extremely jealous. I was a nervous wreck the whole first year. I dig the zen.


oooh...he looks delicious, for sure!

I just spent the weekend with my girlfriend's 4 week old... she very much resembled your top video of Jude. I can't wait until she becomes "a real little person" (my husband's words) and a lot more engaging. :)

Mickey D.

Yeah, I'm discovering that the floppy baby thing takes some getting used to. Stella will just fling her head all over the place. I'm constantly playing catch with it. I'm looking forward to more controlled movements.

In any event, Jude rocks. And so do his leg warmers!

wrestling kitties

4 months, wow! he is so stink'n cute!

Rachel Terry

Love the first picture of Jude. He is so adorable!!

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