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February 2, 2010

my friend Ky from Two Pretzels nominated me for an award!  i feel so honored that you thought of me and i'm especially excited that i seem to have made a new friend.  it's so hard to make friends these days, don't you think?  check out her blog here and be sure to check out her latest photos of her little girl, jude's future girlfriend.

and now here are the award rules:
1. thank the person who nominated me for this award
2. copy the award & place it on my blog
3. link to the person who nominated me for this award
4. share 7 interesting things about myself
5. nominate 7 other beautiful bloggers

 seven interesting things about the grumbles:
when i was little i thought the toilet was a monster so would flush and RUN away.  or not flush, because the sound was too scary.

along the same lines, i played bloody mary too many times when i was a kid and i am still afraid of mirrors.  still.  i'm always looking over my shoulder and afraid something will BAM appear there looking at me.  bathrooms are very scary places you know.

i'm obsessed with starbucks but i don't drink coffee.  i only drink chai.  it's like a big glass of spicy milk, and i love it.  every time i try a fancy latte with actual espresso or coffee in it i think yuck, because i like the sweet stuffs.

my hair is falling out.  i knew it would, post pregnancy, which is normal.  but this is out of control; i pull out fistfulls of it daily.  i worry that my hair is starting to look thin.  it's rumored to be a side effect of the mirena.  strike two against you, mirena.

i have developed an eyelid twitch.  google says it's because i'm overly tired and i should try to get more rest.  google can go to hell.

i have really really really REALLY bad eczema and i have since... forever.  i usually try not to mention it, but i avoid wearing shorts and skirts because my legs are so badly scarred.

i have a really ridiculously low tolerance for spicy foods. plain salsa? too spicy for me.  it drives jon crazy.

and now i'd like to show some lovin to:
Whisker Biscuit- for the mutual love of tom selleck. and because one time 5 years ago i named a stray cat whisker biscuit. see? it was destiny.
Faultlines- my sister-in-law is an incredible writer.  really, really compelling.  and i don't even like teh jesus, she's just that good.
not that you asked- because she was nearly molested by an LA hipster on a plane once and she cracks me up.
How I Became a Tattooed Mommy- to share some love to a new find
Junket Juice- that damned junket!
It's a Wonderful Life- congratulations on the birth of Henry
The Adventures of Lactating Girl- because i'm also brave on the internet and not in real life.  and gooooooo breastfeeding!



You like me, you really like me!

Thank you for the award. I'll do my best to follow the rules, although rules were meant to be broken.

And Bloody Mary/Mirror thing... good Lord, there's 2 of us. WHY did we play that game as kids?

And my daughter is terrified of flushing toilets. And vacuum cleaners.

My hair fell out like yours after having Ellie. I'm happy to tell you it's better now.

I also have an extremely low tolerance for spicy foods. Like onions are spicy to me.

And I get the stupid eye twitch on occasion. Drives me batshit.

Ky (Two Pretzels)

Love reading these - thanks for playing along.

Um, I don't drink coffee either. (Solely tea. Love Chai, too.)

My HAIR IS STILL FALLING OUT. (Lila's 7 months-old. I do think it's slowing down a bit, though...)


Thank you so much! I heard a girl sing "Hey Jude" on American Idol tonight and once again...immediately thought of you. How long will THAT keep happening? :)

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