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February 8, 2010

i dreamed last night that i posted a superbowl recap here today.  which is a very boring dream.  but alright, fate, if that's what you want...

super bowl? eh. commercials? eh.
the game was close, which made it a good watch.  but jon is one of those people who scream FUCK SHIT CRAP at the tv every time something happens and fling things around the room in a rage.  it makes me feel awkward when he gets so worked up about uh.... football.  so i mostly ignored the game.  it seemed like a larger majority (than usual) of the commercials were super ANTI WOMEN, which was awkward.  every other one was about man-ing up or how annoying your wife is or not wearing pants, which generally i am also a fan of but they made it pretty clear that women weren't invited to their no-pants party.  and don't even get me started on that trailer for that STUPID new Jennifer Lopez movie that showed the "water birth"!  clearly all women in labor just flail around and scream all crazily.  and anyone who would want a natural water birth is a nutbag who invites 50 friends over to play the bongos.  –i'm going to stop that train of thought there before i get into the media's completely unrealistic presentation of birth. so...

i did take some really grainy photos (sorry sorry sorry) with the flying dutchman since my nice camera is out of batteries.  how about those!

football day 2010

practicing sitting up

Dads hat
wearing jon's hat

dad's hat 2

alright, alright. you're off the hook for yelling at the tv all the time.
you're both pretty cute.



Jude looks adorable, as always! It's not just your husband, I'm a girl and I scream at the TV during football. It flipped my hubby out completely the first time we watched a game together. Especially since I was watching The Giants play someone and I'm a Colts fan. I do, however, only throw things during Colts games.

the grumbles

Yes, many things were thrown last night at our house. Sad times for Colts fans.


Louis does the same thing. He says the most profane things at the TV and I get so pissed because I don't want Athena to say "Fuck!"

But the ONE TIME I trip up the stairs and say SONOFABITCH! Guess who copied me. Dammit.

Written Permission

Oh, my -- this is my husband to a T. Complete with cursing, flinging of the remote and any other objects close at hand, and the feigned almost-hit-the-wall-in-frustration-but-stop-just-short move. It amuses me greatly, but I've learned over the years that laughing openly is NOT allowed. :)


Ha ha...I knew that guy once upon a time. Once he threw a mop against the wall during a sporting event on tv. Then it came back to hit him in the face. Good stuff.

Mr. the Grumbles

Alright , I fear I am being painted in a bad light here. For, the record it is only during games I care about that i curse at the tv. Secondly there is no fake wall punching or throwing of remotes. Hats only. And I have gotten better I swear.

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