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February 16, 2010

jude is fast approaching six months old and with it, the introduction of foods.  i've been thinking a lot about this recently so please allow me to ramble on about it.  yes?  good.  there will be good payoff at the end, i promise.

every time someone has mentioned starting jude on food, even rice cereal, my answer has been, NO, he will never eat the foods, we will nurse for ALWAYS.  which is not true at all and i realize that.  but let me at least explain my reaction: we know several people who had their babies eating pretty much only baby food at six months old.  little milk or formula and forget about nursing.  i know this is only my opinion, but that is insane and unnatural.  so when i overreact about the food thing just a smidgeroo, that's why.

flop around

i want to take it slow.  i want to nurse as long as possible and i'm not interested in pushing jude to grow up faster than he already is.  that said, he watches us eat now with an unholy fixation.  considering how much he loves his nursing, he already seems pretty curious about these food items.  what's that you've got there?  bacon?  could i, might i, put that in my face? no?

so i've been reading about baby-led weaning.  which is, bare bones explanation, skipping the whole weird pureed foods stage and just letting him explore real foods when he seems curious about them.  the key word, to me, is explore.  it's not as a main source of nutrition, we can and will continue to nurse for that.  but to learn about eating and experience the different textures and tastes and discovery!

{interesting fun fact- "weaning" in england has a different meaning, indicating the addition of foods to a baby's diet and not the removal of breastmilk.  the more you knooowww!}

so, we gave jude this banana to experiment with.  and it was as awesome and adorable as i expected it to be.  it was only one time, not a regular thing, but i think we have a winner.  observe:

mmmm, banana from the grumbles on Vimeo.

mmmm, banana part II from the grumbles on Vimeo.

here is some further reading for anybody curious:
babble has a pretty decent article explaining baby-led weaning
and i heard about this article on twitter that mentions delaying solid foods having an effect on adulthood obesity



Have you seen those mesh baggy things that you put regular food in and let the babies gnaw on it? We had that. Athena drank mostly breastmilk until she was a year because that's what she wanted. I was VERY hesitant with food as well. We played with rice cereal, fruits, and stuff in the mesh bag, but that's all it was: playing. It was NOT her main food source.

That's how my family rolls. I stopped giving her breastmilk EARLY by their standards at 2 1/2. You'd fit in at our fun hippie sessions.


We were slow to switch from breast milk to food as well. It's what we thought was best, although lots of people liked to share their opinions about how weird we were. We finally kind of had to switch because BB stopped drinking except for bedtime and would grab food out of our hands like it was his job. I figured it was a sign (and it was give him something solid or let him starve as he seriously did not want anything to do with the bottle).

the grumbles

ha, these comments get my stamp of approval. i knew you guys wouldn't think i was weird!


I have no children of my own yet, but it seems like baby-led weaning makes a lot of sense.

That said, the rolls on his wrists make me want to gobble him up. Too cute. It's ridiculous really.

Ky (Two Pretzels)

I'm with you. Food at this point is for FUN. Nothing like seeing a kid squeeze an avocado through her fingers. (I also highly suggest the frozen wheat bagel thing, too. Great for teething.)

I lamented feeding Lila "solids", too. I never subscribed to the whole, "FEED THEM AN ASS LOAD OF RICE CEREAL AND THEY'LL SLEEP BETTER" thing. (Rice cereal is Elmer's glue.) And Lila slept fine.

That said, Lila was like Jude. She was staring at us when we were eating, sucking on her lips, mouth watering. It got to the point where it was impossible to eat around her.

I hesitated giving her anything either. Why? Because that clearly meant she needed me less AND I wore her weight gain and pudgy stomach like a badge of honor. I mean, she was that fluffy solely because of my breast milk...

I'm still sad that she's nursing less and eating more. She just really likes to eat.
Who can blame her?

Adventures In Babywearing

I did the same thing with my last two babies and I have to tell you (I'm just now realizing it) those two are my BEST eaters- they eat all the good stuff- veggies, hummus, ethnic, etc. My older two were more "by the book" and are definitely the most picky. Hmmm.


the grumbles

Well hmmm, sounds like we might have to pick up one of those mesh baggies. When I was pregnant I stayed away from them because I thought ewwww, gross. But now it makes more sense.

KY- yes, yes, yes! That is just how I feel.


I like this method a ton. Jude makes bananas look so delicious. I love it!


Food should NEVER substitute breast milk or formula for the first year. Do people do that? Really? I didn't know that. We always just did food in addition to what Ellie was already drinking. Our doc didn't even want us to attempt to give her anything until she was nearly 6 months old.


Umm...best line EVER!
"what's that you've got there? bacon? could i, might i, put that in my face? no?"


:) agree with Junket
We just started experimenting with foods over the last month or so, too, what with max trying to shove his hands into anything we were eating and then cramming it into his mouth :) i think the take it slow approach and letting them explore is great. there is definitely a lot of pressure from the docs on my end to get him eating mostly solids now that he's almost 7 months. but he still wants his milk and i'm not going to force him to eat baby food. stay strong :)


I just posted on this topic on my blog today and a reader suggested I come read your post and adventures in BLW - Love the videos and I'll be back to see how things go with Jude! He's precious.


Videos are really cute! He'll have a lot less trouble holding the banana if it's more ripe though, just to let you know. I'm not saying brown or anything, but just nice and ripe. It made banana holding easier for Peanut in the beginning.

I actually have a post on bananas on my blog. I don't know if you've seen it. http://theadventuresoflactatinggirl.com/2009/11/25/baby-led-weaning-wednesdays-banana/

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