grocery store

February 6, 2010

grocery sto

jude and i heart the maya wrap, yo.
homemade salsa for the game tomorrow!
(i don't care about football, but salsa?  mmmmm)



I wore Athena like that until she was a year old. Watch out for random picture takers. I wound up in some neighborhood newspapers, and I was always eating and dropping sauce on her head.

Hobo Mama

I'm so with you. Both on the wrap choice and on the devotion to salsa vs. football.


Cute baby.

Ky (Two Pretzels)

Ha! SO cute. Everytime I wear Lila I get 3 million looks. It's so odd.

P.S. I like his little striped outfit. Way cute.

Ky (Two Pretzels)

(I thought you didn't like salsa? Too hot?)

the grumbles

it was like the mildest salsa ever and i still complained that it was too hot. jon called me a pansy. but homemade salsa vs salsa from a jar? no contest, it was awesome!

wrestling kitties

Um, how fun is that?! Love it. I would like one of those but all I have are cats to stick in there....that wouldn't work.

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