MCC update and roundup of other loose ends

February 12, 2010

we're nearing the end of week two of the movie closet challenge and i thought i'd briefly check in with you about it.  i was, without a doubt, not looking forward to the absurd festival of godzilla which also happened to fall right at the beginning of this adventure.  they are jon's movies, not mine.  and in fact i had never seen any of them before- but i was pleasantly surprised.  it was actually great in a ridiculous poorly-dubbed way.  it made me realize: godzilla is made for little boys and oh what fun it will be to watch this with the jude.  not too violent, completely silly, doesn't make any sense, robots, monsters, aliens, check.

if you're ever inclined to test it out, godzilla vs. mechagodzilla is the way to go.  it's godzilla fighting a robot godzilla brought here by aliens.  be sure to notice the part in the first 20 minutes where the godzilla suit actually catches on fire and they try to play it off as part of an explosion.  and also, i thought we only had six of them but it turns out we have seven.  there are two movies called "son of godzilla" and i thought they were duplicates but they are actually different movies.  who the hell made that call?  strange.  anyway, we are on to a wider variety of things now.  we just watched the shining last night.  mmmm, the shining.

oh, and jon has set us back by something like 24 movies?  check out my anniversary gift here.

i also wanted to check in with you about the poll results from last week, here.  thanks so much for your input, all!  an overwhelming majority of you said that you would leave the baby alone when they roll over and sleep on their stomach and i have.  and he's still alive.  all is well.

but about this sprinkles thing- jon HATES colored sprinkles.  he thinks they are an incredibly stupid topping for cookies, ice cream, etc.  but i like them, ok?  and we always have this argument about their flavor versus non-flavor.  well SUCK IT, jon, because 80% of us think they have a flavor.  that flavor may be WAX, but there is a flavor.  an awesome, happytime flavor.  and i can't believe someone selected that they are a palate cleanser.  i pretty much put that on there as a joke.  so person, extra weird points for you.

happy friday!



Ooooh, The Last Unicorn is next on your list. It's still one of my faves. Recommend the book as well.

I've still not seen a Godzilla movie either. Maybe one day I'll get around to it.

And sprinkles taste like sugar! Sugar, sugar, sugar! We also call them shots and jimmies here.

Theta Mom

OMG- I love sprinkles. I can eat them right out of the container!

And I left a response to you on my blog, but I'm not thinking you would see it, so here it is:

This is true, you need to have a FB account in order to have a fan page, BUT you can control how much you want “out” there. I don’t provide any personal info, my last name, etc…I only post things that everyone can see on this blog…if you are post anonymously, then this may be more of a challenge.

Iris Took

I don't know what it is about sprinkles, but I love them also - it's like that cherry dip or chocolate dip. It's really all wax and oil, but man, is it good.

Sound like you have made a small dent in the MCC and the 007 is an amazing sidetrack.


got my answer, perfect

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