official announcement: the movie closet challenge

February 1, 2010

in our house, we have a special door

movie closet

and inside this door, there is a magical place

movie closet

the movie closet.

movie closet

we have a little bit of a problem with buying movies.

yet we can never find anything we want to watch.  we watch movies on the internet.  we watch cable.  we argue about what to watch.  and yet we own, i don't know, a couple hundred movies.  what can i say, we like movies

so, today is the first day of the movie closet challenge (or, MCC).
we are going to watch every single one of the movies we own beginning tonight.  i like to think of it as our own personal TBS and TNT, if a movie is ON... eh, we might as well watch it.  and there's always a movie on.

the rules:

1.  we must watch the movies in order, starting from top left and moving across the rows then down, ending with bottom right.

2.  we don't have to watch duplicates, just each movie once.  and yes, there are duplicates, and yes, i realize how insane that is.

3.  there is no rearranging of the movies.  the order today is the official order.  they are mostly alphabetical by genre- the genres include: vhs (yes, that's it's own section), seasons of tv shows, horror/suspense, action, western, drama/romance, comedy, and kid-friendly.

4.  nights off are permitted based on really good tv, like tuesday when i will probably make jon watch the lost premier even though he hates lost, especially since charlie died.  RIP, charlie.  boo.

the goal? we might discover what it was we liked about these films enough to buy it in the first place.  we have amassed all these movies and we might as well watch them.  or find out that some of them still really suck.  we'll see.  there are definitely parts i am NOT looking forward to: godzilla 1-6. or demetia 13, or slapshot II, or... showgirls, for example. but there are also sections i am REALLY looking forward to, like ben hur, team america world police, CLUE!!, the mel brooks box set, and mystery science theater 3000 the movie.

if we watch, let's say, one movie per night, it will take us... {clickety clackity calculator calculations} ...251 days.  and that isn't adjusting for the added time of watching tv seasons.  holy. shit.  that means we'll finish doing this... {clickety clackity calculating} ...September 17th, 2010.

it's going to be intense.  i've added a little guide at the top right showing what movies are up next and i may comment on them as needed.  and feel free to chime in if you hop by and notice one that strikes your fancy, good or bad.  all i have to say is i better find a copy of dawn of the dead before we get to the horror section.  what zombie fanatic doesn't own dawn of the dead? but we own land of the dead, it's incredibly crappy sequel.  and boy am i not looking forward to watching that.

so tonight, MCC movie number one:
Star Wars: The Phantom Menace



Yay for starting with my favorite movie!! If Micah and I were to do this it would take much longer, I think. We have close to 1,000 dvds and most of them I would never watch. I made Micah clean out about 150 of them last spring for the garage sale and some goof came along and bought ever single one. Good luck! Just curious, are you going to get rid of the ones you didn't enjoy watching?


Ooh, I love the movie closet. Looks like a closet of treasures to me! I really wanted to have a huge collection of movies, but, the husband prefers we don't 'waste' money like that, what with the times changing and now its bluray, etc...I still have around 50 DVDs and some bluerays...I allow myself to buy the movies I really love, and Disney classics even though I don't have kids yet. Can't help it, I love me some Disney twinkle. Also, I really like the molding around your closet. Classic and chic.

Written Permission

1. I am very sad my employer forbids us to view flickr-linked (and similar) photos, because your movie closet sounds completely fab.

2. I have been trying to get my husband to do this for YEARS (we have a similar, if (probably) inferior, movie rack). He refuses. We argue CONSTANTLY about what to watch, and we usually end up watching...anything except the DVDs on said movie rack. It's really annoying.

3. I squealed when I read "Clue," "Team America: World Police" and "Dawn of the Dead" in such close proximity. It's as though you're proprosing a movie festival IN HEAVEN.

Can't wait to see how it goes. Godspeed. :)


This sounds like SUCH a good idea!! We, too, have a TON of movies, but now pay for Netflix streaming as well instead of watching something in our own collection.

True Fact - I have NEVER seen a Star Wars movie. Ever. My husband almost divorced me when he found out. LOL

the grumbles

Rachel- I was all excited about how many movies we have and then you have to go and rain on my parade! gah! (only kidding)

and WP, I can't believe your work blocks flickr photos, that probably makes my blog REALLY REALLY boring, i'm so sorry!

Iris Took

Your movie adventure (or TREK rather) sounds amazing. You will need to be strong in mind to finish your quest.

I am not only impressed by your task at hand but by the organization of your MCC.

Have fun with Anakin tonight!

Ashley, The Accidental Olympian

I love this idea. The problem if my boyfriend and I did this is that one minute we'd be powering through the Sopranos, the next he's have to sit through all the Sex & the City episodes.

I wish you luck.


Ho-ly crap. That's a shit-ton of movies. I saw Mr. Deeds in there though. Veddyveddysneakysir.


I want a movie closet!

Think of all the video rental money you guys will be saving this year! I think this is one challenge that I would totally be up to (although I do agree with you about the Godzilla series...)

Ky (Two Pretzels)

I'm impressed by both your movie closet AND your endeavor.

Sounds awesome.

Amber, The Unlikely Mama

We have a movie closet of sorts...but it's located on our server. I actually need to have Peter rip a few more to save on the computer. I hate having to store the physical videos.


WOW!! Yea I think i'm going to have to create a new location for my movies as well... they're eating our living room... and my room... and thomas' room... and i think a few are even in my roommate andrew's room. Either way... we're the same way about watching them... maybe i should join the challenge and do one of my own movie collection!!


Wow! That is a marvelous collection. We have, I don't know, maybe 50 movies? No, probably more than that, but we pretty much stopped buying movies about 5 years ago. With so many movies on tv and dvr, etc, we never have time to re-watch anything so why buy it?

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