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February 3, 2010

life with jude right now is... ah!  it gets more challenging by the day and i love it more every day, increasing simultaneously in opposite directions.

teeth are on the move.  the only proof i have of this is the constant drooling and jamming of various toys and hands (his or other people's) into his mouth and the faintest feeling of a white cap on the lower right side.  he's been acting teethery for a month or so though, so i can't help but wonder when his first tooth will finally make it's dreaded appearance- tomorrow?  a week from now?  could there be months more of this before we greet its little white presence?  time will tell.  he is generally not too upset about it, though last night was a particularly cranky night where he woke up every hour or so screaming and jamming his hand into his face.

ever since he overcame his cold (that bronchiolitis got TOLD) he has been eating an insane amount.  and this is coming from the kid who already ate every two hours and weighs about 2 lbs more than his peer group.  even his babysitter has noticed it and i've had to start sending extra milk with him because he chugs down the first 8 oz by 10am.  is he growing?  i don't know, when is a baby NOT growing?  they're always growing!  so it's hard to decide if i would really call it a "growth spurt" or "an extra additional growth spurt on top of constantly growing".

these two above factors = not sleeping well.  he didn't sleep well when he was sick because duh, he was sick.  but even after he got better it has stayed with us.  oh how i long to go back in time to months 2 and 3, when he would sleep for 5+ hours at a time.  we are back to square one most nights; every. two. hours.  but please don't consider this a complaint.  it's been the norm for so many nights now that i don't even remember what regular sleeping would be like.  this is just... how it is.  and i don't think it's a situation where he needs to "cry it out" or something.  he wakes up, eats, and is back asleep in no time flat.  he's not having trouble falling asleep at all or even putting himself to sleep by himself in his bed.  he just wants to eat.  eat eat eat.  and i'm not talking about comfort nursing, he full on EATS every time.  so, that's just how it is right now.  it's hard work to be so small and to be learning so many new things at once.  i try to remember this in the middle of the night when i'm waking up to feed him... again.

they're only small once.  enjoy it.  be patient.

but despite all the tricky situations that get more complicated as he gets grows i love this more and more, being the mama.  i love watching his brain puzzle things out.  i love waking up one day to find he suddenly has a new skill and watching his personality bloom.  encouraging his efforts.  human growth is fascinating.  and i feel more confident in us, together.  as a unit.  it's pretty incredible.

{morning time update- when we went to pick jude up from the babysitter yesterday she said he had eaten all SEVENTEEN ounces that i sent plus FOUR from the emergency freezer stash.  i was only gone for 8.5 hours, people.  i used to only send twelve ounces!  what the HELL kid??  stop eating your feelings!  at this point i'm pumping and nursing so much that i feel like i'm wasting away like a skeleton.  the better news is, sleeping has marginally improved for the time being.}



I got nothin'. I was lucky because my kid started sleeping through the night early. Those weeks she didn't though were awful. She would NOT go back to sleep once up. BAD.

So you're bright side IS a bright side. I'm sure that doesn't bring you any more sleep, but it's something.


I don't remember what normal sleep is like either. I've been up to see the sun rise every day for 2 1/2 years. Athena has also been waking up after 4 or 5 hours PLEADING, BEGGING, SCREAMING for some milk. I have no idea what to do.

Mickey D.

If you don't mind me asking... at what age did you introduce Jude to a bottle?

I keep reading that I should do it well enough in advance before going back to work, but I'm kinda nervous about it.

the grumbles

MD- we started giving Jude a bottle around weeks 3-4, Jon would do it one time a day just so we could practice with it and get used to the whole idea. It only sort of worked, he still super hates the bottle but will take one from the babysitter without too much complaining. I was also super worried about it so I made sure we started early. When we got closer to me going back to work I started giving him two bottles a day and then three to gradually get him up to what it would be like when I was gone. Again, it only sort of worked, but Jude is crazy about his eating. Hopefully Stella is less picky!

Mickey D.

Ok, sounds like I just need to bite the bullet. I'm not gonna like it, but I'll do it.

It has to make you feel good that you're doing your job as a Mom. He's a happy little eater, I'd have to think that's better than the alternative.

Thanks for the info!

Ky (Two Pretzels)

I am so impressed by Jude's appetite.

Lila has NEVER in all of her life eaten more than 8 oz. in one sitting. (Unless of course it was from my up-top, in that case I have no idea how much she's eating.)

That said...

I'm impressed.

And as far as the teething thing goes... I hear it lasts MONTHS. I know.


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