the pumping life

February 26, 2010

(to the tune of the sporting life by the decemberists)

I walked in to my desk
and sat down with all the rest
the tip and the tap of all the keyboards
was loud enough to shatter every eardrum
My project was almost done
I needed it there by one
but then I felt my shirt a-dampen
and realized what was about to happen

There's my bathroom waiting on
with my cow machine, arm in arm
tapping their toes quite angrily
the feeding time is paging me
I grab my bag and fix on me a frown

How I hate
the pumping life

And while I had high hopes
for some privacy on the ropes
at my door there is sudden knocking
apparently now there's some stranger rocking
So as I'm standing here
filling my shoes with fear
I wait and I stand a little longer
for the stuffs that will quench all the hunger

There's my milk it's letting down
cloying air freshener spraying 'round
I lean against the wall my thoughts
race quickly here from spot to spot
I turn to put my pump and tubes away
and breath in deep

The pumping life,
oh, the pumping life

Now I'm done and back to work
rushing quickly by to avoid some jerk
but too excited I must not get
for in three hours, take the bet
that I'll be back at it yet again

The pumping life,
oh, the pumping life




I can't even imagine. :) I'm sure Jude loves you for it though!


Colin Meloy would be proud.


hahahahahaha(snort) again! you are having a very funny week :)
i've been there sister. you are a better woman than i if you can keep this up past 7 months. i seem to have dried up this month.


Very evocative.

I am impressed with the dedication of pumping moms. I had to do about a week of pumping when my daughter was in the NICU, and it was not much fun. I was glad when I was able to be done with it.

wrestling kitties

That is AWESOME.

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