tragedy {off} the cold high seas

February 10, 2010

when michael jackson died, i didn't particularly care.  nor farrah faucet, nor britney murphey (to be honest, i always thought she was sort of a nightmare anyway), or anyone else famous for that matter.  but oh, my friends, a blow has been struck through my heart today.

the first thing i saw this morning on twitter was a note that phil harris, captain of the cornelia marie, passed away yesterday.  he's from deadliest catch, if you didn't know.  he crab fishes with his two sons and their boat and crew are my very very favorite.  he has been struggling with his health and had some pretty scary near misses on the show in the past year or so.  and now he's dead.  it's probably a strange thing for me to be upset about but this is terrible, tragic, teary news.

oh. sigh.

(captain phil is in the center, his two sons are on the right)


Ky (Two Pretzels)

I'm sad about this, too. I immediately sent the news article to the husband, as well. We enjoy this show.


Ashley, The Accidental Olympian

I totally know what you mean. I never batted an eyelash when celebs from the last year or so passed away, but when I heard about Phil this morning I was pretty devastated.

When I used to live in Seattle my boyfriend and I would go down to the Ballard Locks, where they keep the Cornelia Marie and other boats on the show, walk among the massive ships, and then head to the local fisherman's bar, always hoping to see the crew.

We never timed it right, and I guess now we really never will.

Sister, I feel your pain.


:( My husband and I watch this too.

JD Salinger's death upset me recently, and I'd be lying if I said I wasn't in denial for like a month over Michael Jackson... or if I said I didn't get teary when I watched his videos... or if I said I didn't wish I still had my MJ dolls...

Sarah W

Oh. :( Sad.


I was saddened when I heard of his passing too. He seemed like a good man... hardworking, devoted to his son and his job, etc.

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