weekend recap

February 22, 2010

this weekend we wore a lot of hats. it's still pretty cold, yo.  you could call it the festival of many hats.  if you wanted to, and you were kind of weird.

hat party

yep. all kinds of hat action. turns out hats are pretty fun.

hats are fun

and cute. especially when they're too big.

baby-size ushanka

there's even this baby-sized russian ushanka that jude wore on our morning coffee run.

ushanka 2

...and you know, bang had to wear that too. HAD TO.

Miss Bang wearing a tiny russian ushanka

because we made everyone participate in the hat party indiscriminately.

hat day

even nico, who's like, dude, seriously? get this hat off me and give me a cookie.


and there was lots of playing to be had.


serious playing.


but not too serious.

so serious

jude is always trying to convince me he's a very contemplative thinker...

but also fun

...but i'm not falling for it.  i'm on to his game.


relaxation was had by everyone involved.
how was your weekend?




Seriously, that first picture is my favorite. I love how he is posed.

I think you embarrassed Nico.

We went to a petri dish/kid's play land. Athena loved it. I think I passed out when a kid threw up.


I'm sure I've said it before, but Jude just has the best smile. If I were you I'd never get anything done, I'd just stare at him waiting for one of those smiles!

I cleaned out every cabinet in the kitchen and threw out 4 bags of junk plus to boxes to goodwill. I think nesting has set in at the Terry house.


I don't know if there's anything I love more than a baby in a hat!


That russian ushanka was AWESOME. Too adorable. :)

Lots of snowboarding for me on Saturday (pictures coming soon!) and errands on Sunday. Then the USA/Canada hockey game - WHOOT WHOOT!! Life is good.

Great pics - thanks for sharing.


Those pics are adorable. Thanks for sharing!

Lots of b-day celebration for the little guy over the weekend and I saw Wilco in concert last night. Good times! :)


I love it! I want to go back in time and be your daughter. I can only imagine the hats I'd get to wear!


I LURVE your pictures. LURVE them.

my 3 monkees

jude is just scrumptious!!! i want to gobble his cheeks! love your pics!

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