burwash landing

March 1, 2010

Nico at Burwash Landing, Yukon

i had totally forgotten about this photo! i found it this week when i was looking for pictures to submit to the pioneer woman's dog photo contest (which, hello? do any regular people even have a chance at winning? back off, professional photographers) and i just had to share it with you.

this was in burwash landing in yukon on our driving-to-alaska trip, in the middle of no place at all.  we camped there on the way back (and by camped, i mean put up a tent in someone's yard because that's what all the "campgrounds" are like up there).  burwash landing is right on the edge of a huge lake, which for some reason google maps doesn't know the name of (wikipedia did, it's Kluane Lake, and it's gigantic), and that was where this photo was taken.

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right there, at the burwash landing "resort". i forgot they called that a resort. i mean seriously, we slept in a field and a bear walked by our tent in the night. "resort" is all in the eye of the beholder i guess, or the distance between you and the nearest town.

as much as i wanted to make fun of canada, because, you know, americans are stupid, it turned out i couldn't.  because our trip through there was just so freaking lovely.  everyone was so nice and had these cute accents, and everything was all... clean, and organized.  shout out to you, canada.  you actually rock, hard.

also, re: canada? this:

Lake Kluane

and this:

Muncho Lake

and this:

the Wrangells

and this:

Pink Mountain

can we go back yet?

Burwash Landing

canada is good stuff.



hopefuls #1

I have to tell you that it made my morning, to open my reader and see a post from you... not only that, but I clicked on it and I could see the whole thing! It's a miracle! I love being able to view it in my reader...

Thanks for the switch!

These pictures are stunning and I love the facial expressions on your doggie... too cute!


Your dog is more traveled than I am I believe.

He's so cute. I like him even better than the scenery.


Beautiful photos! I've spent a bit of time in Canada, and it really is just gorgeous. Thanks for sharing!

Sarah W

Wow, amazing! We might have to give Canada another shot... we had an awful time in Toronto a couple years ago.

How is your Nico by the way?

Ashley, The Accidental Olympian

I second the deep felt sigh of despair at the professional photographers taking over PW's dog contest. The images were striking, but us regular dog lovers didn't stand a chance!

In the spirit of PW I call your Nico shot a WINNER. Or at *least* a finalist.

Oh, and I second the love of Canada. I want to pinch Canada's cheeks. And maybe even knit them a sweater.

And then move there forever.

the grumbles

Sarah W, in your defense, the parts of Canada we went to had barely any people in them. So I'm not sure it's a very good comparison to, say, Toronto. We were literally in the middle of nowhere. Our only experience with actual city life was passing through Edmonton during the Stanley Cup, which was insane and it was nearly impossible to find a hotel to stay in. So.... what's my point? Not sure.

(and thanks for asking about Nico, he is doing A+ as long as he is on the steroid they gave us. waiting on a second opinion for further decision-making.)

wrestling kitties

So beautiful!! LOVE the photos! I love Canada.

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