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March 22, 2010

i tried to relax on my relaxing day, i really did.  but it's hard to go from sixty to zero all in one day.  i slept in a bit and played lego indiana jones but in the afternoon i wanted to do something mildly productive so i decided to plant my herb garden!  herb garden, bitches!  this is a big step for me because as some of you may be aware i am the plant killer.

tulips sprouting spring
i am in no way responsible for this adorable flower sprouting up in our yard,
i assure you.

i overwater, i underwater, i curse all the green that i touch with the wastelands of death that i call my hands.  but this year i really wanted to give it a try.  it's (supposedly) so easy, good for cooking, environmentally friendly, and most importantly- jon can make as much sage-butter sauce as my little heart desires.  as far as i'm concerned that's mission numero uno.  have you ever had pasta with sage-butter sauce?? ZOMG.

we have a little raised bed off the side of the deck and i decided to plant it there.  it's up and protected from the dogs, which is a major concern because i may be the primary plant killa' but i have partners in my vegetative murder.  peeing, digging, chewing, ruining partners.  so, here's what the bed looked like before i started:

raised bed herb garden (before)

last year i had planted one of those wildflower seed mixes in there and for future reference, never ever do that. the label on the bag should have read: WEEDS seed MIX! Some off these assholes might have flowers! Also, not! Guaranteed to take a long time to grow and then make it look like your yard is out back of a natural hobo convention!

so i had hard work to do. i tilled and cleaned and weeded and mixed in healthy new dirt. want to see my high-tech gardening skills? i pulled out all the junk (that was in there) and threw it on the ground.  this is very advanced gardening, yo.

discarded weeds gardening rake yard trash
yep, i totally left that pile of crap there.  it lives there now.  let's call it 'future mulch'.

good job, right?  i know, i know.  i have skills.  next i laid out where all the seeds were going to live and separated out the sections with leftover pieces of slate from out kitchen remodel.  i'm ambitious- we're trying green onions, basil, parsley, oregano, cilantro, sage, garlic, and hot peppers.

herb garden planting seeds raised bed (midway)

there! looking classy! then the careful planting, covering, and watering. oh, and my gardening assistant me-bow, or whatever ridiculous name i'm calling her these days:

english bulldog outside brown dog bang

i can't seem to make it through an outdoor project without taking her picture. she's so photogenic.

english bulldog dog outside licking

here's the end result, my WHAT WHAT! herb garden. give me two weeks and let's cross our fingers we see some carefully cultivated culinary-style action.

herb garden raised bed planting seeds fence(after)

(already bang has jumped through the little gap i had in the left end of the fence. she's determined to ruin this for me. i had to shore up the fence with more slate.  wish me luck, i'll need it.)




Your herb garden is so much prettier than mine from last year. We used window boxes (on the ground) and the parsely and oregano grew out of control! And the weeds, oh, the weeds. I think we need to plant higher up like you did. I am determined to try again. Maybe I should start small, like with the Chai herb garden. lol.

From one plant killer to another, i salute you.


I meant *parsley*. I always spell that wrong.

wrestling kitties

I love your herb garden!! Very nice job. I love fresh herbs, especially dill and basil! We have a condo that has a small patio and we try to grow herbs every year in little planters and pots but we seem to have a problem with all the animals that live near the woods by our house. They get to enjoy the herbs before we do.

And how nice to have a day to just relax!

Ashley, The Accidental Olympian


Last year I too had an herb garden. I first started my seeds indoors, and lovingly moved them to my little spot in the yard only to come home and find Oly has used my garden as a digging hole.


This weekend Adam and I are going to get to work building our fenced in, NO DOGS ALLOWED garden and I can't wait.

Feels good to be 80.


I've never planted anything that hasn't died. In fact, I killed an aloe plant at the office a few weeks ago. I've heard they are harder to kill than cacti. I was mildly proud of me.

Oh, and Indiana Jones Lego is a great game!! Have you played the Star Wars version? It's my favorite!

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