if there were no tomorrow...

March 4, 2010

dear internetweboblogpshere,
no, wait...

dear my most beloved readers,

what would i tell you if i found out the internet would be gone tomorrow?  and what if i only had 300 words to do it?  well, i would definitely NOT waste those precious words sharing pictures like this or this, because that would be an unconscionable waste of precious words.  like that was.  and that.  and this.


without the internet i will be half as smart (goodbye wikipedia), twice as lost (goodbye google maps), and only a percentage of my former funny (goodbye nick holmes tumblr).  i'll know nothing about movies (goodbye IMDB), or babies (goodbye babble), or that girl i worked with one time in college (goodbye facebook).  i won't be able to find out the answers to my questions at the push of a button (google, ftw!).  i won't be able to have a hearty laugh at the expense of others (lamebook, passiveaggressivenotes.com, notalwaysright.com, babycenter).

all these things have become an integral part of my existence, and yes, i would miss them.

but oh, darling, what i would miss most is you. this blog, my internet home, has become a haven for me.  Yes, a place to spill out my guts, but more importantly i have found a community.  meeting you here has opened my life up in a million ways that i didn't think were possible.

a friend of mine (hi adam! ...see? wasted two words on you! now seven. ten.) once said:

"The internet makes me feel like I have 500 roommates to talk to when I wake up.  I haven't decided if this is good or bad."

it's good. definitely good.
would that mean no more baby photos?

cheers roomies,
the grumbles

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LOL... I so agree with Adam's quote, but I'm pretty sure it's good. Definitely good. :)

wrestling kitties

Love this and totally agree!! I (sadly) would miss so much without the interweb.

And with his quote it IS good because you have the "500roommates" without the dirty clothes all over the place, unwashed dishes, drunk pukers, and random houseguests! it is the perfect relationship :)


It is good to have 500 roommates that you can ignore when they get on your nerves. Adam is such a smart guy! And I hope you get to go to blogher!!


Definitely agree with you there and I think that..oh my god...Did I just see Rainbow Brite on your movie list?

Iris Took

We would have to *gasp* go back to the library to find stuff out.


How fun! What an awesome use of 300 words!


OMG - Rainbow Brite?!! I used to watch that All. The. Time.

Super jealous right now.


I love interweb roomies.

Ashley, the Accidental Olympian

I completely agree with Adam.

And the best thing, when I go away for a while, instead of being thankful to have some peace from my Internet roomies I actually miss them. All 500 of them.


Roomies unite!

And I snorted at the babycenter jab. Nicely done. That place scares me a bit. Too much ignorance and insanity under one "roof".

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