life lessons (in my car)

March 30, 2010

a few days ago as i was driving jude to his babysitters we had just pulled out onto the main street in our little neighborhood.  it was congested but i wasn't in any hurry so i just hung back.  the car in front of me was an old low-riding ratty blue cadillac and as i waited i noticed them smoking, in the car, with their young children.

ew, tacky. i thought to myself.  and then kept staring off into space.

a metro bus was stopped in the right hand lane and another bus had pulled up close behind it.  at the last second the driving bus crazily swerved around the stopped bus pulling into our lane, into oncoming traffic, and wildly careening all around nearly crushing an unsuspecting old dude in front of us on a bicycle.

we all drove on.

at the next light the cadillac pulled up next to the bus and gestured wildly until the driver opened her window, and then screamed in her face about BEING MORE CAREFUL and ALMOST KILLING THAT BICYCLER. (and the driver, in true cincinnati metro tradition, denied it ever happening.  they're a menace i tell you, a menace).  and i was in the car behind him yelling YES! YES! YOU JERK! GO PEOPLE, GO!  YELL!

so lest you make my same mistake:
do not judge the ghetto car in front of thee too harshly nor too early,
for they may later be thy "righteous and upstanding citizen" of the day.




Ashley, The Accidental Olympian

Amen sister.

It's like judging the woman in the car before you at the Starbucks drive-through for driving a tacky ass car, and having overly bleached blond super poof hair, and then when you pull up to the window you find out she's bought your coffee for you.

Damn you urge to judge, you get us every time!

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