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March 12, 2010

friday! it's FRIDAY! party! yeah! seriously...

the movie closet challenge.  it's going.  it's a long road ahead of us.  we keep getting distracted by lost and big love but we're on schedule-ish.  it has never been so clear to me- technology is AMAZING.  spend five weeks watching VHS tapes then pop in a regular ol' dvd.  that shit is MIND BLOWINGLY clear and awesome.  the next time i hear someone complain about dvds and try to upsell blue ray or hi def i'm just going to recommend that they try that.  dvd's are incredible.

what else have we discovered so far?  i'm seriously throwing mulholland drive away.  i never want to sit through that again.  ever.  thank god we don't own eraserhead anymore.  milo and otis- much better than we remembered.  quite hilarious.  i recommend it for all children and very bored adults.  jude highly enjoyed miffy, here's miffy, the first video tape he's ever watched.  us not so much, but he seemed very happy about the bright primary colored bunny.  the godfather III is not as bad as everyone says it is just bad in comparison to the glory of the other two.  and i wish computers really worked the way they do in hackers.

this week we also watched our respective grade school plays which was embarrassing to say the least.  when we were watching mine i felt horrified and red in the face the entire time and i know jon probably felt the same during his.  jon was danny zuko in grease; i was riff in west side story.  i would consider mine worse because i had to play a male lead.  the last thing any sixth grade girl wants to do is pretend to sing like a boy.  seriously humiliating.  but i did get to be in a knife fight with switch blades.  i looked remarkably feisty! stab stab, dash around, stab stab!  ...until i died ...only halfway through the two hour play.  (and yes, we watched the second half, only because i polled twitter and was told that the rules are the rules and we MUST watch it).

up next we have two of my favorite movies of all time: ben hur and the ten commandments.  well, not so much the ten commandments.  i mean, i like it, and i love me some charlton heston, but ben hur is really where it's at.  it's one of my favorite movies EVARRR.  poor jon, we have about 6 hours of charlton heston in our immediate future.

now, some random photos i've taken over the last week or so.  i'm still practicing with the new baby, so be kind and cut me some slack.

fuss o clock

every day at 6:30 jude crashes out for a mini cat nap before another round of eating, playing, and then bedtime.  we call it 'fuss o' clock'.

little boy

sweet.  he looks so much like a little boy here and not a baby.  he does need to grow some hair though.


just practicing with my shutter speed and ISO settings.  yes, i am quite nerdy.  but it's so cool!  i love that frozen-motion look and it's the thing i struggle most to get.  practice makes perfect.


i love that hooded shirt.  it has scooters on it.  i'll cry when it's too small.  well maybe not cry.  but definitely pack it away in storage for later.  (thanks aunt jenn & uncle dan!)

bounceround time

wide angle!  i really need to find somewhere else to put that cardboard box full of camera gear.


it's bang! oh, bang.  it'll be interesting to see what jude ends up calling her because we only call her bang when she's in trouble.  then again, she's in trouble all the time.  especially for going into our room and chewing up all my underpants.  GRUMBLES ANGRY, GRUMBLES SMASH.

usually we call her bangerang, or miss mash, or lately me-rang, or stupid crap-ass dog that vomits everywhere.  i particularly like that one.

the scoots

jon's scoots!  out getting some sunshine.  please ignore laugh at random broom in background.  i was sweeping and apparently... stopped.

white spokes

last weekend i painstakingly taped off each spoke so jon could paint them white.  they were looking a little rusty.  now they are so shiny and classy!  we're going to a scooter rally next month and he wants the bike to look extra nice.

self portrait

just a little self portrait action.  i like this one.

dirt dog

that damned dog again.  how can i love to hate her and hate to love her so much?  she's so strange.

this is how it is

this photo is their relationship every day.  he ignores her- she loves him.  she thinks nico is the greatest thing to ever happen to the world and he wishes she would go away.

long legs

long, long legs.  i love him.

this song is stuck in my head, and now it will be stuck in yours too.  take THAT.



Your pictures are GREAT! Love them!


Ditto that - beautiful photos!!

Ashley, The Accidental Olympian

Three things,

1. Love the new camera. I want a camera that can take something like that water shot.

2. I sort of wish I had more movies so I could do the same sort of movie challenge. There is something so great about rediscovering movies like Milo and Otis.

3. The picture of Bam and Nico is classic. It makes me want to get Miss Oly a friend who will ignore her...

How long did you wait between when you got Nico, and then Bam?

Ky (Two Pretzels)

I am so jealous of that camera I can barely breathe.

(Great shots.)


Just flipping through the pictures--it looks like a really good life. :) That's awesome.

the grumbles

Ashley- we got her when Nico was about 5 and a half. I wish we hadn't waited quite so long though because he HATES HATES HATES her. I think if maybe he had been younger they would have meshed better? But who knows...

And I'm sad that the camera is making everyone jealous and sad! I was just... excited! My insider tip for the day would be to make friends at the local photography college- they sell their used equipment for much less than new.

Ashley, The Accidental Olympian

Yeah, I'm thinking Miss Oly needs an amigo. The thought of getting a second dog, with twice the amount of food, twice the leashes to hold while walking, and twice the bulk seems to overwhelm me conceptually, but I think it's best in the long run.

I assume this is the hurdle parents must climb over with their second child, right? Learn the routine with the first, and then RElearn it with the new addition.

OH, and I'm going to take your tip on hunting down a used camera. Genius idea.

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