six months old!

March 8, 2010

half a year.  can you believe it?


jude had his six month checkup at the pediatrician late last week.
here's the stats:
26.25 inches long · 18.5 pounds

six months

mama, i'm not going to smile anymore.
hurry up, we're going to be late!

give. me. that.

we're in full on exploration mode now. everything has to be touched. the computer, the camera, jon's motorcycle helmet, the inside of my mouth...


this is by far my favorite photo of the week. there's something very sweet and old school about it. this could have been 20 years ago.

but it wasn't. it was saturday.

floor time

we've been doing lots of floor time so jude has plenty of opportunity to practice his crawling. i wouldn't exactly call it crawling but he rolls and scoots and claws his way to where he wants to go. it's slow, but it's mobile.  there's also lots of screaming going on.  but happy screaming. he is all about learning to use his voice.  LOUDLY.  we've been calling him the baby pterodactyl. 


wild happy zen baby for the win!
the dude abides.



Loving the pics! He's adorable.

Ky (Two Pretzels)

Oh my goodness, he is growing so quickly and I cannot get over those eyes. He's precious and cute and clearly very happy.

Ya'll are doing something right. :)

Thanks for sharing the pics!


He's so so so so cute. Rolly polly squeezy cute.

In the picture of Jude and Jon he looks like he's trying to coerce him into opening his mouth for exploration purposes.


So frickin' cute! I clicked on the pic of him in the chair from 6 months ago - it's so amazing how quickly they change.

Agreed - the photo of him and Jon is my fav of the week as well. I have one of me and my Dad that looks quite similar. :)


Six months was such a magical age. Perfect, nearly.


Oh my, I love these pictures. They're precious. Now I have spring fever and baby fever. :)


He's such a doll! I can't believe he's 6 months already. Way to grow, Jude!!


yay for jude! love your pics :) so glad you have a giant healthy 6 mo baby. it's so amazing and crazy that we're past the half year mark already. we have a baby pterodactyl, too. hilarious.

Mickey D.

He rocks. Such a cute and happy guy. He has such a great smile!

(I'm envious of your pics. They're such good quality, the lot of them.)

Happy Half a Year, Jude!


Hey Jude,

You are so happy that your pictures make me smile. Your mommy and daddy are awesome.

Auntie Junket

Hobo Mama

Oh, I remember the pterodactyl phase! Love it. Cuuute pics, and what a great smile.

wrestling kitties

6 months, what?! He is so big and such a happy baby....look at that smile! Happy 6 months handsome little man


Happy half birthday, Jude! I had a pterodactyl too.

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