stop writing about sleep issues already, lady!

March 23, 2010

just one more!  let me update you on how the mini-nightweaning is going. things are progressing well!  i've discovered several valuable things through the process!  general huzzah!

jude is now pretty consistently dropping the 1am feeding which is so super fabulous i can't even describe to you how super fabulous it is.  last night, for example, he slept from 11pm - 4am.  go jude!  then ate again at six.  the average seems to be 11 - 3 and then eat again at six but still, i'll take it.  steps in the right direction.

i've learned that i totally wasn't pushing him at all to drop any of his night feedings so he just... wasn't.  he's perfectly capable of doing it and i never even tried to ask him otherwise.  he's adapted so well to this gentle modification that it makes me realize i was being a bit of a pushover about it.  i want to nurture him and have an attachment-parenting close type relationship but there still has to be a middle ground.  dropping one feeding doesn't mean we have to stop nursing on demand just... dude, give me an evening break.  and amazingly, jude agreed with minimal fuss.

which segues into the other thing i've discovered- i'm totally not ready to stop co-sleeping yet.  we "part time" co-sleep which means that when we put him to bed in his crib he usually sleeps there until his first feeding of the night and then jon brings him into our bed for yo yo snackin' time.  but, with the new sleeping plan, i had him sleeping full time in his crib.  i suspected co-sleeping might have been part of the problem with getting him to sleep longer periods so i wanted to try it out.

after only a few days i can tell you number one- clearly co-sleeping wasn't the problem with him sleeping longer periods, it was me taking what seemed to be the path of least resistance.  and number two- dude, i am so not ready to give it up.  i missed him when we weren't together.  and more than just, "oh my cute baby, let's snuggle!" type of missing him.  we spend all day apart and jude, being a baby and all, goes to bed quite early.  my time with him is the absolutely most valuable thing i have.  co-sleeping is like hitting the reset button on our family.  when he's snuggled up beside my face i feel like it tells him this, this is mama. this is where you belong.  and without it i felt quite incomplete.  i know it won't be like this for much longer so, for now, it stays.

with our new plan i now get to have my long period of sleep in our bed (sans baby) and then after his 3 o'clock feeding jude and i have been sleeping on a mattress on the floor next to his crib.  compromise, compromise, compromise, baby.  the new plan is feeling good.




Yay on skipping the 1am feeding! And I must also tell you that my son is five. And sometimes I let him cozy up and fall asleep with me. Because I'm his mama, and for that moment everything is right in our world--when he's cuddled up with the person that loves him most.


I'm FREAKING OUT MAN about not sleeping with Athena anymore. That's the one thing I need to do before the new baby comes and I just don't know how to do it. I LOVE sleeping with her, but when Zofia is here, is it fair to Athena to have a newborn keep her up?

Seriously, I'M FREAKING OUT.

Oh wait, this post wasn't all about me. Congrats on the long stretch of sleep. It's like Heaven on Earth :)


:) I used to bemoan the family bed, and how I hadn't slept properly in years. Now I realize that sleep is just different when you're a Mama. :) A new 'normal'. :)
It's been eight and a half years, now, and I'm getting used to it....

:) Stephanie


woh! That was a lot of smiles.
(note that I'm not putting in another with this post, please - no matter that I'd like to.)

Ky (Two Pretzels)

Oh! Yay for a longer stretch of sleep.

And, my favorite line in this post: "co-sleeping is like hitting the reset button on our family"

(I wish Lila would cuddle. I have tried SO many times, since she was a NEWBORN, to sleep and cuddle with her. She refuses. She arches her back and essentially says, "KIndly place me in my own space now. Thank you."

I crave that time, too. I know EXACTLY where you're coming from. When I come home from work - ALL I WANT TO SEE/SMELL/SMOOCH IS LILA.

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