sweet relief

March 19, 2010


i'm not actually here today.  you see jon insisted that i take a day off from work to rest and recuperate while he works and drops jude with his babysitter.  more than insisted actually, he put his foot down quite firmly about it.  i think that's his way of saying, "crazy woman, you a being too crazy and it's driving me crazy.  shut your whore mouth and get some rest!"  (well, maybe not the whore mouth part.  he wouldn't say that.  but i find that turn of phrase awfully funny, so there it is)

between working, being mama, and a whole host of other more complicated issues i don't feel like addressing right now, my stress level has been through the roof... x 100.  i'm kinda like, freaking out man.  so as you're reading this hopefully i'm sleeping or playing video games and NOT cleaning for the party we're having tomorrow because that would be a completely unacceptable use of my very special me day.

a whole part of a day to myself!  luxurious luxury! oh how i shall revel in it!

i also wanted to share a few of the outtakes from yesterday's hipster photo shoot, which jon helped me orchestrate.  i rarely bother to take photos of myself because using the tripod and remote trigger are such a pain in the ass but some of these turned out quite nicely:

the behind the scenes crew, standing in for me while i set up the tripod.
i love how somehow every member of the family got into the shot.  like nico's butt.


it's very funny, trying to pretend to be all serious and hipster-y.
yes, that's a hole in my shoe.  yes, the same ones i wear to the office almost every day. i just can't seem to give them up.  yesterday i was walking down the stairs at work and waved to someone in the hallway and later realized that i, completely distracted in my own head, had waved without making any sort of expression. 
sorry person, you got awkward stone-face waved.

this one speaks volumes to me about my metal state lately.
sorry i'm an insane paranoid recluse, everyone.  i try to shield you from it most of the time.

beginning weekend radio silence in 3... 2... 1...




Take a break mama! You deserve it! Hope you can get back on air soon though.

Ashley, The Accidental Olympian

Reboot little robot, reboot.


I hope you are enjoying a well-earned break. It sounds like something we could all use once in a while.

(Also, we have that same exersaucer. these days my toddler likes to wander by, start the music & boogie down to Old MacDonald.)


That last picture up there? It's totally fucking awesome. I LOVE IT. You should definitely use it for something!


I agree...that last photo is wonderful. A part of the day with no work or baby?! I don't know what I'd do! Probably be so excited that I'd miss out on any of the sleep I was hoping to get caught up on...

Hope your rest day lifts your spirits...being stressed is no fun!

Adventures In Babywearing

I love all of those photos! I hope you had a happy birthday. :)


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