and just when i was getting all cocky and stuff, BAM

April 16, 2010

last week as jon and jude and nico and bang and i (man, that's a mouthful.  let's just say, grumbles-fam.) anyway we were cruising through the park near our house on a walk and i saw it- BLINK BLINK BLINK GO EYEBALL CAMERAS, a perfect photo opportunity.  it had perspective, it had color, it had style.  a few days later i dragged everyone along on another walk and this time brought my camera so i could pose what looked like it would be a very adorable picture of my baby. suitable for his seven month post, no?  here's what i came home with:

jude plays in the grass

mama? you want me to play in the grass? well, ok.
i was all warm and snuggled up in my sling but i'll give it a try.

jude does not like to play in the grass

i'm really not too sure about these things touching me.

baby doesn't want to touch the grass

oh my god, woman, get this stuff away from me!

baby hates to lay in the grass

grass. blech.

turns out, jude does not want to play in the grass.
babies are not always cooperative subjects.



Ashley, the Accidental Olympian

The last one, probably my favorite baby picture of all time.

Sarah @ OneStarryNight

LOVE the photos from a color/DoF/perspective but jeez you breed cuteness! LOVE the last photo with the tongue!


sooo cute! great pictures - you've got a great eyeball (and real) camera!

Ky •

Um. So cute. I love the third one. Arms out - "I won't ALLOW this grass to touch me."


OMG, he is SOOOOO cute. So cute. Love.


I love the second picture. It makes me chuckle. Mostly because I make that face A LOT.


These are so funny and very cute! I love his expression in the third photo, hilarious! Oh, and eyeball cameras? Hell yeah.

emily bilbrey

VERY cute photos, nonetheless! last month we had a beautiful cold, sunny day here, and i took my daughter out to the backyard in an adorable outfit, and placed her on an awesome handmade blanket - camera ready - excited for photo excellence! um, yeah. she freaked out and wouldn't sit still/be happy for one solitary second. just wanted a baba & a nap! staged photo sesh FAIL. (;

love your blog! your kids' names are to die for.



hilarious! and they are super cute pics anyway. staging never works for me either. babies are wise to our ways.


Adorable!! They never perform on command. Are always ridiculously cute when we least expect it. :)

hand pecked debb

arg he is so flipping cute. Have I mentioned i love watching his banana video? hat's one of my happy places when I'm angry at human kinds.

Elly Lou

"Imma lick that grass. Imma lick that grass."


The third one down is a total yoga/pilates pose. Go Jude!

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