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April 19, 2010

»  this saturday the man came to disconnect our cable.  not because of any foul play, we asked him to.  it's an easy way to cut some $s from our budget; television is not a requirement.  but.  BUT.  we are THAT family, that family that always has the tv on in the background.  as noise, as filler.  sometimes we're not even watching it.  so over the weekend the house was so eerily... silent.  i'm thrilled to make more progress on the MCC and to be free from commercials.  and i'm sort of glad for jude, who won't have to grow up in a house with as much tv and advertising in his face.  but man, i got used to having cable.  so i'm mourning it a little bit, despite the fact that it's probably a good thing and my weekend was incredibly productive because i got bored from having no tv.  and the fact that you can watch almost everything online these days.  so i won't be completely out of the loop.
(#LOST #DeadliestCatch #Ghosthunters #Bones #Dexter)

»  when my pumping bathroom is busy i just keep walking up the staircase to other floors and taking the elevator back to the bottom and then climbing up them again so i can walk past and see if it's still occupied.  after the third trip i give up and go to the other (more public) bathroom.  when this happens in my head i like to think that i'm "working out."  people on other floors probably think i'm deranged.

»  i've never updated you on the status of dear mr. nico and his mysterious impending medical doom.  this is because we are at a standstill with his treatment.  i want to write a post to you about it but i'm overcome with emotion each time i try.  i'll get there soon, maybe, but for now know that he is hanging in there and that i got him a jaunty blue scarf to wear.

»  last weekend we attended the XYL WKRP scooter rally.  i took 400+ pictures.  i never posted them because holy jesus that is alot of pictures.  jon rode his scoots with more than 400 other scooterists on a 70 mile city ride and jude and i joined up for the barbecue dinner and bar party.  if you're interested in seeing one of the largest scooter rallies in the country you can check out my somewhat excessive if not lovely pictures here:  the breakfast  |  the official start

»  jude is now incredibly angry every time we don't put him on the floor so he can crawl around and escape me.  holding him on the couch? now unacceptable.  he must. be. moving.  he's particularly interested in chasing our little laptop table around the room (it's on rollers).  when he finally gets to it he just holds on to the thin metal bars tightly with his arms.  why, child?  i don't get it.

»  a week + ago i wrote a penned a desperately heartfelt post about a dip in my milk supply.  a few of you left me ideas to get it back up to speed and some kind words that i'm deeply grateful for.  i thought i should let you know- milk town is back in business!  i'm not sure if it was because of the stomach virus i had, taking a few days off from pumping, stress, or any combination thereof but things are back to normal.  the relief that flooded over me the first day last week i pumped 20 ounces was UNREAL and since then things have been looking up.  thank you, thank you, thank you, friends for helping me get back on the right mental track.

»  speaking of being on the wrong mental track, i've been in quite a funk the last few weeks.  i'm coming out of it now and i'm feeling free and springy and i want you to feel the same.  which is why i'm excited to let you know that next week i'll be doing a kindness & karma post every day- culminating in a kindness & karma contest.  so just keep that in the back of your mind- next week is going to be exciting.  there is something for us to look forward to besides the cold release of the hands of death from around our clammy throats.

xoxo my darlings,
teh grumblés




I honestly don't know if I could give up cable. No Food Network? No HGTV? No Animal Planet? Not sure if I could survive. Even being able to watch on my laptop just isn't enough. I. am. addicted. Have been since I was a little kid. I give you major thumbs up for it.

I'm also glad to hear the BFing is back on track:)

I hope someone can eventually figure out what's up with Mr. Nico, and I'm hoping for some relief for the poor pooch.

Ah, the days of the babes finding mobility. I remember it well. Ours just rolled everywhere. It was kinda funny.

And lastly, but not leastly (not a word, I know), I'm looking forward to your upcoming posts!


Dude, so glad the funk is dissipating.

Also, you're fun.

Sarah W

So... I clicked on "alot" and OMG, that is hilarious! Love grammar humor.

Also, we are considering becoming cable-less upon our move in a few months. I'm sad about this already. You give me courage that it will be OK... as long as we have teh internets.

And, Nico... I have been thinking about him and hoping he's doing better. I'm glad he's hanging in there.


Jamie - I think it's great you're going no cable, both for $$ sake and Jude's sake (I grew up in a house with no cable, and though I hated it at times, I really think it was a great thing).

That being said, my husband would FREAK if we didn't have cable anymore, and I'd be pretty sad to be missing #It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia #Big Bang Theory, etc...

My friend that cut their cable about a year ago to save money just got a digital converter box for under $50, so they get 5 channels for FREE now. Might be something to look into??


glad to have an update and to hear things are looking up (despite the cable going down). kindness and karma sounds like alot of fun. hahahahahaha.

Written Permission

First, hope Nico is doing OK. Thinking about you guys...

Also: I know we don't actually know each other, but is it weird that I'm proud of you for not only turning OFF the TV, but for making such great progress in your Movie Closet Challenge? :) Go, you guys!


I want a picture of Niko in his blue scarf. Pretty please?

Dionna @ Code Name: Mama

I'm excited for details on your kindness and karma week!

And kudos for going no-cable! We did about 3 yrs ago and it is the best. No more mindless droning on; no more zoning out when we could be talking or doing something - we definitely get more done. And you're right, with all that's available online (and we have a Netflix subscription), there's no shortage of boob tube time.


So glad you're milk supply is back up and that the funk is ending. I'm in a huge one right now that I just can't seem to shake. Ugh, it's so frustrating!

You post THE BEST links, by the way. I like them alot (that's a redneck looking at a bunch of alots). :) You are too funny!

Ky • twopretzels.com

1. I commend you on the give-up of cable.

2. Big hug about Nico. BIG hug.

3. Any tricks with the increasing of milk? What worked for you? I've been trying to pump EVERY TWO HOURS (argh) for the past couple of days... Just trying to make it work. Any tricks?

Hope you're doing ok.

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