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April 23, 2010

i signed up for  it's a question asking website... thingy.  i'm not quite sure how to describe it.  basically, ask me anything.  here's the unique part- it's 100% anonymous.  i can't see who asks the questions.  you can let loose the deepest darkest dirtiest silliest stupidest questions you can think of.  of course i get to choose whether or not i answer them, but i will.

so, i've added a little box over in my sidebar if anything strikes your fancy you'd like to throw out there.  you can also go to my profile and view my answered questions.  the program is still a little glitchy (jon sent a bunch of test questions yesterday and i only received one of them).  it seems like it will be a passing fad, fun for a while and then we'll move on, but let's give it a whirl and see what happens.

who dares me to post a link to it on my facebook profile?  and i'm daring you- anyone else brave enough to do it?  let's see what you've got my ballsy friends.

i keep trying to upload the pictures i snapped with my camera phone last night of jude crawling ALL OVER THE WORLD but of course it is not cooperating.  jerk.  but suffice it to say that we have a truly adventurous dare devil on our hands.  roaming climbing reaching moving.  he attempted to crawl up on to my lap and over my knees last night to try to climb up onto the coffee table.  yes, my child who can't stand or walk.  and wednesday morning we had a little incident involving the child crawling directly off the side of the bed over my carefully laid pillow barricades ending in a baby-meets-floor-faceplant.  (he is fine, by the way, but i am now completely paranoid)

i did manage to snag you a few, for now:

WHAAAABAM. i'm fast. heading over here to chew on this stuff.

whatcha doin over there the jude? oh nothin mama, just checking out the soft stuff in this green bucket.

crawling ATTACK!  must.... eat.... mom's phone....

i've got places to be. see ya!




Awhhh...his pudgy baby legs make me want to squeeze him and cuddle him and love him!!

I'll be thinking of some good questions for ya *diabolical cackle* :)


I'm questionless.

But I love the Jude. SO CUTE!!


Love Stay Puft Marshmellow Man/Michelin Baby -baby legs.


I am loving this Form Spring thingie and your answers are cracking me up! It's probably because I'm insanely bored at work and I'm sure it'll pass but right now I'm really digging it.

I'm going to put it onto Facebook! I have a bunch of internetly challenged friends though so I doubt anyone will get it!

Oooh, I think I'm going to copy you and put a badge on my blog too. I'm such a copy cat! Copy cat copy cat!


I'm totally sucked in by his legs too. How do you keep your hands off them????


I just joined Formspring too and have been experiencing the same problems!

Go Jude, Go! Man you are going to have your hands full...look at him already grabbing handles and practically flying across the floor!

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