for ms junket,

April 20, 2010

at her request after yesterday's post about mr. nico and his new blue stylin' scarfins.


he appears apathetic about the status of the scarf, but i like to pretend that it makes him feel magical.



Ashley, the Accidental Olympian

Of course it does! I read somewhere that blue scarves are the quintessential embodiment of magic in its purest form.

He sure is a dashing man.

Written Permission

Because the Internets (or, rather, my company's firewalls) stink, I had to venture to my phone to check out this photo.

It was well worth the extra effort. SUCH a handsome boy. :)


I want to snuggle him too.


The king of red lions shows no emotion, but it is there, deep, deep inside...

Sarah W

What a sweetie. I can tell he loves it. :)

Ky •

Blue is Señor Nico's color.

wrestling kitties

Oh, he looks very good in that blue scarf!! snazzy :)


Ohhhh...looky what we have over here. That is one handsome fella if I ever did see one! Thanks for granting my wish!


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