happy easter, friends

April 4, 2010

we went to an easter egg hunt in our local park yesterday, and then i took 10,000  pictures of flowers and bees.  the end.

baby hands reaching clover grass park

baby crawls in grass at park

jude and i at the easter egg hunt

hoffner park easter egg hunt

baby gets his first egg

nice photo, jon!









Happy Easter! It has been quite a nice day here huh? I'm loving this spring weather - I hope it lasts!

Mickey D.

I frakkin' love your (and Jon's) photography! Such skills you have. I'm way envious.


You make my ovaries hurt.

the grumbles

Thanks MD that's sweet! I'm really enjoying it, hopefully everyone isn't too bothered by all the pictures I've been putting up.


i LOVE pictures. post away in my opinion!!! :)

Dionna @Code Name: Mama

Beautiful! I especially love the picture of the church. We need to get out and take some pics of our magnolia tree before it loses its pink blossoms!


Keep the pictures coming. I, for one, love them! xo

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