the kindness and karma contest

April 30, 2010

for ashley

all week we've been focusing on kindness and karma in our lives. yesterday in her post ashley from the accidental olympian said:

forgive me Grumbles if I have wandered off the path, but I've come to interpret Kindness and Karma Week for myself to be a lot more about finding the happiness in my own life

oh ashley, how right you are. you have not strayed from the path at all.  ever heard the phrase, "if mama ain't happy ain't no body happy?"

day one was all about taking control of your fate and changing your mood.  let's get back to that.

if you're new here, i don't do contests like most people do contests.  for the birthday caption contest lucky miss ashley won two custom mix cd's and a hand-drawn portrait of her rescue pup, oly.  go look.  plus as a side effect we've embarked on a fun new friendship.  now it's your turn.  a lucky winner will win a surprise gift from me made by me.  i can't tell you what you'll win because it depends on who wins!  i promise it won't be a drawing of ashley's dog.  (do i promise? muahahahaha.)

this is the thing, people.  i can tell you how lovely and strong and brave you are all day long.  and i really, really mean it.  i believe in what you can do for others and for yourselves.  you are incredible.  but at a certain point what i say doesn't matter.  you have to believe it about yourself.

here's what you have to do to enter, it's very easy and very hard:
leave a comment below telling me one thing you love about yourself.

that's it!  and don't forget to leave me some way to contact you.

the winner will be chosen using next friday, May 7th around noon EST, right after jon reminds me what time zone i live in.

there are some ways to score yourself an additional entry/entries:
· tweet about the contest.  don't forget to put @thegrumbles or else i won't
  see it and it won't count.
· post about the contest on facebook and leave me a note here that you did.
  i trust you.
· subscribe to my RSS feed (if you haven't already) and leave me a note
  here that you did.
· "like" this blog on facebook (if you haven't already) and leave me a note
  here that you did.
· if you participated at all in k and k on your blog/twitter this week you automatically
  get one additional entry and anyone who would like to do so through next week
  will too.  hell, i'll even give one to the feminist breeder so i can score cool points.

you have all week to enter but don't forget!  i'm not going to spam twitter and FB too much about this, i think that girl is super annoying and i don't want to be her.

you can do it! and thanks for hanging in there with me all week. here, i'll kick us off:

i think that i have a nice butt.  i've always liked it and i'm damned proud!
and i think i'm trustworthy.  i take my obligations seriously.




I love that I consistently take time out of my day to be kind to people. Whether it is asking my cashier at the grocery how her shift is going, volunteering to baby-sit my friend's newborn so she can get date night with her hubby or sending a quick text to let a friend know I'm thinking about them, I always make a point to that kind of stuff.

You're right--this is hard!

AWESOME week of posts, lady!!


PS I don't mind my butt either. ;)


I think I am a loyal friend, and that to me is important. I will stand behind my friends no matter what, even if I disagree, because it's their life, not mine, and who am I to judge?

I'm proud of my butt too. :)


Hmm...I've always loved my eyes and my eyelashes, I think they are pretty, as far as eyes go. And I think I'm a good listener and I give pretty decent advice.

Sarah W

Because I really want to win something cool:

I stand my ground on issues that are important to me and I value integrity over all else.

Dear Mason...

I love that I don't take life too seriously and can find the joke in any situation... it may annoy the hell out of family and friends... but it keeps me entertained. ;)

hand pecked debb

I like my hands, they're small like Jewel's. They come in really handy fishing stuff out of drains, unscrewing headlights on cars and performing surgeries on tape decks. I'll never make it as a hand model with the cuts and burn scars but working with my hands brings me so much joy.

And if I win something, they can also do jazz hands.


This post is very timely... and hard, but I do like when I make people laugh. Gawd, just writing that makes me cringe... I need to be nicer to myself. I really do.

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Dionna @ Code Name: Mama

Hmm...I love that I love research :) I love being passionate about something and fighting for it. I love taking a stand. I love being strong even when I have friends and family who tell me I'm either a) biting off more than I can chew or b) crazy ;)


I'm pretty proud that I've been able to keep an infant alive and fairly happy for 8 months (with some help, of course...)... All of you who are moms: this is no small thing!


this has been a great week of posts, jamie. thanks for being brave and doing this. even though it was a hard week for me at work and with adam out of town, trying to keep a positive perspective and do something nice for someone all week has made me feel good every day.

however, writing something good about myself really is unreasonably hard for me to do. i know i'm perceived to be a nice and generous person (most of the time), but it's so much easier for me to see and comment on the good in other people. is that a good thing about me, too? does that count?
ok... i have been told that i'm a great phone-talker. people call me to talk on long road trips because evidently i am very easy to talk to and entertaining. whew. i did it. :)


I love that I want to change the world by shouting to the mountaintops how important it is to parent consciously and responsively. It brings me joy to talk and teach, knowing I might help somebody.

Adventures In Babywearing

I love that I can feel deep down that I'm a good Mom, and that I can think for myself and not be persuaded by the popular way of thought. It's taken a while to get to this realization, and I love that I'm arriving to it.


Written Permission

Stuff for others: I'm honest. If someone asks for my opinion, I'll be honest (even if I know they really just want someone to agree with them), but I find a nice way to do it. A KIND way to do it, if you will. :) My hope is that this lets my friends know that they can trust me, and that I really do care about THEM, not just always being the person who agrees.

Stuff for me: I've made a big change in the last year. After four years of working in a thankless, steal-your-soul, can't-get-away-from-it-even-in-my-dreams job, I said, "Enough." I took a new job that let me work from home two days a week. I started my blog. I started volunteering. I wrote some children's books. I spent more time with my husband. I took time for ME. And it's made me a better employee, to boot.


This is so hard for most people, but so important as well. Thanks for the reminder. :)

I like that I always give people the benefit of the doubt when I meet them that they are good people. Some say I'm too trusting and too naive, but I think it's a good thing!


BTW - I didn't subscribe to your RSS feed b/c I follow you with blogger. And I'm a fan of you on FB!


you're making us work hard for this one! it's way more difficult to come up with something than i thought it would be.


i love the way my clavicle kinda sticks out. i think it's...pretty, almost elegant. decades of swimming gifted me some big strong shoulders, and somehow having a more delicate-looking set of collar bones evens that out.


This is great! For the record I had your K&K badge on my blog last week so I get another entry right? Right?

What I like best about myself - my green eyes. I have always, always loved my eyes.

Another thing is that I love that my children are sweet. Because they're sweet and good (most of the time anyway!) it shows that I'm doing an okay job with them afterall. They are pleasant to be around, and I'm not just saying that as a proud mama, I get told that all the time. That makes me very very proud.

Oh and I'm also a fan on FB! Yay another entry!

OH WAIT and ALSO during your K&K week my fucking HOUSE SOLD! Does that relate to K&K?! Get me another entry?! I don't know but MAYBE it does! Good karma FINALLY came our way! :)


I like that I have a smile for everybody, friends and strangers alike. I've come to realize that I am the most approachable person on the planet because of it. Seriously. Even with all my tattoos blazing and my new spikey, poke-you-in-the-eye hair, people flock to me to ask me directions, where something is in a store, you name it. It's bizarre, but I seem to exude a let-me-help-you vibe.


I love how empathetic I am. I am sensitive and can feel for pretty much anyone. Oh, and I love how I interact with children. There's an instant connection.


I like that I am the only one who knows how to make Henry laugh (for now)and I am never in a rush to get something done or to get to the next place, wherever or whatever that might be!


I love that I am a "teen whisperer." Teens love being around me and I love being around them. I love using my super powers to get them to do Algebra and they even call me Ma'am sometimes which never gets old.


i love that i have a fantastic sense of humor that spills over into everything i do...

Ky •

(I've been nonchalantly avoiding this question... However, in support of you - I'd like to play along.)

I like that I'm strong. I was raised by a single-mom who did a damn fine job teaching me that I can do make it through whatever life throws my way. If there's an issue - I can handle it.

Mickey D.

After the prize on that last contest, I'm choosing to enter anytime you do these :)

I enjoy my sense of humor. I can find the funny in almost anything. I also consider myself to be pretty clever.


While it can misconstrued as a fault at times, I know in my heart that I am a good person and I will literally do anything for someone I care for. Need my shirt? Yours.

It breaks my heart when I can't do more or when my efforts are thwarted by an outside force out of my control. *COUGH COUGH* fedex *COUGH COUGH*

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