kindness & karma week: we are here, the pale blue dot

April 26, 2010

over the past few weeks i've found myself in quite a funk.  i don't know how else to describe it.  i worry.  i worry about things and they take over my brain and put me in a bad place.  the days are long and they seem so bad.  annoying event after unexpected expense after decision gone wrong.  my mood has been blacker than blacker than black.  and then suddenly about a week ago i decided just to... stop.  there are good things in my life, things that matter, and new friends, and though the days pass by at lightening speed they really are good.  are those bad moments really the one's i want to focus on when i have so little time?

this week is about finding those good things and sharing them with the lives around us.  and i hope i can convince all of you to participate with me.

i want to watch this video every single morning so i'm in the right frame of mind throughout the day.  when i saw it, it blew my mind and it changed my perspective on the funk i've been in.  i can partially credit it with bringing me back out.  so i'm sharing it with you, some of you for a second time.  it's that important.  and i know that for many of you it's a pain in the ass / you are unable to watch videos at work.  bookmark it for later.

this. is. worth it.

we are united on this pale, blue dot, experiencing all these highs and lows together. it's about time we started acting like it.  and those pressing problems cluttering up my mind?  suddenly didn't seem so important.

this was my challenge to myself, and today my challenge to you:
think about that one thing in your life that is dragging you down.
is worrying about it and letting it ruin your mood really going to make it any better?
worrying about bills isn't going to make you any more money.  agonizing over relationships isn't going to help them get better or be over.  freaking out about projects and schedules isn't going to change them.

i needed to stop letting it control me.  i am that kind of person that worries and worries and worries about things i can't change.  they nag at me and tear at my thoughts and that's all i can think about.  the things-to-do consume me and it's serving no purpose and it was making me miserable.  but i have the power to change that, and so do you.

so this is the story of how we ended up here, marooned at kindness and karma week 2010, trying to be more aware how we can lift ourselves up and lift up others around us.

on tap tomorrow:  kindness and karma in the bloggosphere.



Ashley, the Accidental Olympian

Oh lord did I need this right now.

You really need to stop living in my head. It's getting weird.

I'm on board. Off to write my first entry...


I love it! I may have to join in with you on this. I'm like you and worry too much. Its the what ifs that get me though. Bravo!


Dear lord, I feel like you just called me out on my three biggest worries lately. Cool.

the grumbles

that's just it yo, we're ALL worrying about the same things and wandering around in our own heads.


Ky •

You are fantastic.

I choose happy, too.

Great post.

I shall be claiming my badge quite soon.

Dionna @ Code Name: Mama

This is SO timely for someone I love dearly - forwarding it to her. I'm also sharing the video & a link to this post on my site. Great idea :)


I like, I like, I like.

Thanks for this timely post. :)



Fantastic post Jamie... I'm in!


Wow. I was having the most crappiest of Mondays, probably the most crappiest of days than I've had in a long time. And then I read your post and watch the video, and it's true - what do my worries and stresses really MEAN to the greater good of my life? I'll worry about stuff my whole entire life, one thing after another, if I let myself. I can so easily worry about those worries until I can't worry any more, but then there's no room for happiness. So you know what, I'm WITH YOU on this. To hell with worrying. YES to happy!


Wanna hear something weird? Right before I read this post I was at the drive thru getting some lunch. (Shut it.) There was a homeless man standing outside the car in front of me and smiling at him. It was a little unnerving because he didn't look like a well individual. He followed the car the whole time as it moved through the line. Everyone around was staring at him. Then, as the car left the drive thru, it pulled off to the side and out came a hand with a bag of food in it. He gave it to the man. This was clearly not the first time he has done this. The look on that man's face wasn't because he was being creepy. He knew that he was about to get a chance to eat. Something he may not have done in days for all I knew. It broke my heart. Then, I came home and read your post and I felt it. I really felt your words. I will definitely participate my caring and talented friend.



What a wonderful idea! I'm in!

Sarah W

Dude. I am SUCH a worrier too. Worry and stress, worry and stress... that's too much of my life. I know this, but somehow I can't stop. Deep down I think if I don't worry about something, it will end up the way I don't want it to. I need to be more rational about that.

Great post. GREAT.

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