April 15, 2010

today i'm featuring an interview with the very elusive Mr. the Grumbles.  you see we never discuss this blog, or it's contents, or where it's headed, in any kind of detail at our house.  just things like, "you got another comment" or, "that girl from (wherever) says (whatever)" because he is at the computer pretending to be me on twitter and i am sleeping in the corner because i am lame.

so last night after dinner and after the jude was in bed i cornered jon and asked him if i could interview him for my bliggity bloggity.  and he was all, "uh.... i guess, ok" and tried to come sit by me so we could talk– but i stopped him right away because seriously? you expect me to dictate our entire conversation?  and i insisted that we do the interview by IM instead.  so imagine us sitting a few feet away from each other, tap-a tap-a typing in silence while watching bones.  without further preface:

an interview with Mr. & Mrs. the Grumbles · April 14th 2010

her:  are you there? ground control to major jon

him:  What do you want

her:  i'm going to interview you for my blog, ok?

him:  ho k

her:  so what's it like living with a blogger? ...stop laughing, you're making me feel sad

him:  It's like living with my wife.  She's always on the computer anyways.

her:  haha, very funny.  so is there no noticeable difference between pre-blogging and now?

him:  Hmmmmm.... I would say not substantial.  You are more open on the site sometimes than you were without it.  It's a nice outlet for you it seems.

her:  what did you first think about me starting a blog?  what were you expecting?  has this panned out the way you thought it would?

him:  I didn't really think very much about it.  I figured you would try it out and if you liked it would keep going.  It seems you liked it a lot and I'm glad you did.  I wasn't really expecting much.  Kind of like when you decided to modify nerf guns to shoot at like 80 mph.  We would see how it worked you'd get excited about it for a while and then it would be over.  I guess I was wrong about that.  You have worked harder than I thought you would on this thing and have taken it more seriously than I figured you probably would and I think that has garnered you some of the success so far that you are so excited about. (ie, this blog was listed at #6 on the technorati top 100 family blogs yesterday, me FTW)

her:  do you feel like you have learned anything about me you didn't know before?

him:  No.  But we share a brain most times anyways.

her:  you never talk to me about my posts, ever. never ever.  what's up with that?  like even when i posted all that nice crap about you for the valentine's day #carnatpar.  nothin'.

him:  We talked about that.  Were you sleeping?  But I think because we experience so much of it together its partially my voice coming through, at least it seems that way to me.

her:  is there anything you can think of that you would really not like me to blog about?

him:  Maybe our sex life, our parents read this.

her:  yeah, that would be freaky.

him:  It could be.....

her:  shut up

him:  Ha!

her:  have any posts surprised you at all?

him:  I'm surprised at most of them.  You are an extremely introverted person who is hard to get to know well (for most) but you are opening yourself up to all sorts of criticisms.  You have a good group of followers, they are a nice support group I think.

her:  does it bother you that i dont capitalize anything? do you think i should?

him:  no, capitalization is for bitches

her:  excellent.  and what do you think of the fact that i've turned all super hippy on you, out of the blue?

him:  You've always been super liberal, so as a parent I think it was just a natural progression.  It wasn't as sudden as  you seem to believe it was. It's true, I was there.

her:  how was the bradley natural birth experience for you?

him:  Terrifying.  It's a lot of responsibility.  But ultimately it was extremely rewarding and gratifying to be able to say "I helped".

her:  hmm, i didnt know you were that freaked out by it.  sorry.  turned out ok though, right?

him:  You totally could have done it all yourself.  ...sorry I had to punch the computer to get it to work.  It turned out spectacularly well.

her:  but i couldn't have done it by myself, i needed you there to clean up my vomit.  obviously.  is there anything you wish i would write about? or write more about?

him:  How awesome I am.  At everything.  No, I think your blog is an outlet for you if there were something I thought you should write about I would probably blog myself.

her:  it's almost time for ghosthunters.

him:  Hells YESH it is.

her:  have you gotten into reading any blogs now?  are there any blogs you like to read and which ones?

him:  I read them in passing but never religiously.  I'm not a rabid reader but I like learning about what the future may have in store for Jude, so I like to read about Henry on Finslippy's blog and about Dooce's struggles.  Mostly because they are hilarious.   I read the Bloggess to get my news.  I like twitter better though, I think there is more direct interaction.

her:  let's stop.  i want to watch ghost hunters ... and can i have some chocolate milk? the commercial?

him:  can YOUR FACE have some chocolate milk at the commercial?

her:  can YOUR MOM have some chocolate milk IN HER FACE at the commercial?

him:  oh I put chocolate milk in your mom's face LAST NIGHT


him:  BYE!@#*  BYE FOR REALS!!!@

so, there you have it. we share a brain, i'm surprisingly devoted to my blog, i sleep during our intimate conversations, bradley birth is terrifying, and chocolate milk is delicious. i can honestly say that i was a little surprised by a few of his answers. and since he's not that surprised by anything i do, maybe that means YOU need a blog, jon.




LOL...I'd love to hang out with you guys in RL and see what it's like to actually hear you two interact. :)

Ashley, the Accidental Olympian

I love it. It is exactly the sort of things I imagine Adam saying.

"You're on the computer a lot."


I get the feeling that you two finish each other's sentences a lot, huh?


Why don't I know who he is on Twitter?


Do you guys watch House? A few weeks ago, there was an episode on about a blogger and her husband/boyfriend. After it was over, my husband turned me and said, "Do you blog about all our stuff like she did?"

And I laughed.

Our husbands always surprise us a little I think. Just when we think we've got what THEY'RE thinking about us down, they throw us a curveball.

Loved the interview. And Ghosthunters was excellent last night.

Written Permission

Fabulous. This sounds exactly like most conversations with my husband, and we aren't evening IMing. Although we also believe capital letters are for bitches, but only in spoken form. :)

Loved this!


ok you are totally cracking me up!! and my hubby and I had that exact same chocolate milk discussion last night. lol...ok not exactly the same. but sorta.

Sarah W

This is hilarious and super cute. Glad to know your hubby is as funny and clever as you are.

I loved "capitalization is for bitches"... my coworker asked me what the hell I was laughing about.


Jon had me at "ho k".....

Mickey D.

I love couples like you.

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