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April 8, 2010

monday night we finished the final VHS tape in the VHS section of the movie closet challenge (what is this?).  i'm so relieved!  i honestly feel that we learned to appreciate the true wonders of DVD technology.  plus the final stretch actually had some pretty good stuff. it was much easier to cruise through movies like ghostbusters II, jurassic park, and men in black as compared to, i don't know, anything david lynch. ever.  i enjoyed making jon watch my best friend's wedding, in part because it's a stupid chick flick and in part because i secretly like that movie in some sappy kind of way, but not as much as i like to watch under the tuscan sun, but we don't own that... yet.

over the weekend we watched cannibal the musical.  obscure, yes.  as hilarious as i remembered it? yes.  it was one of the first movies trey parker and matt stone (the dudes who make south park) made back in their school days.  god, i forgot all about how much i love that movie.  it's one of those that you quote and quote and quote to death.  plus, singing.  plus, cannibals.  i highly recommend it for silly time / drinking time / hanging out with friends time.  as with all parker/stone things if you're easily offended you will probably hate it.  just warning you now.

in a perfect storm of irony jesus christ superstar came up on easter.  please make a note to yourself: if you do a crazy movie closet challenge and you suggest to your husband that on easter you have a crazy zombie movie marathon he will tell you, "no, that's against the rules." and make you watch sexy flowy-haired lazy-eye 70's jesus dance around in his fancy pants instead.  immediately followed by the silence of the lambs.

this evening we start the next section {dun dun dun....}: DVD seasons of tv shows.  they're all really good shows that i like (obviously, that's why we bought them) but the sheer time commitment to this part is really intimidating.  i know we can make it if we try!

so up tonight: season one of the animaniacs.




You're so lucky. Micah made me get rid of all my vhs tapes. I hid Funny Girl from him, but that was the only one I got to keep. He says something about it being sacrilege to watch vhs tapes on a 60 inch, 1080i television or some such crap. Men who love technology suck.

Thanks to you, the animaniacs theme song is now running through my head. All day it will be, "we have pay for play contracts..."


I totally want to try this challenge. We don't have as many movies as you, but we do have a lot!! Maybe once we get moved into the new house that can be our new challenge!


I'm going to point out a few things.

One, I can't tell you HOW many times I was asked if I was the other Warner sister (*gasp* I just put my last name on the interwebs).

Two, if I tried to do one of these, I would be watching movies in alphabetical order. Because I am OCD like that.

Three, well, I don't have a three, but it just seems wrong to have only one and two.

Mr. the Grumbles


Technically, the films are in alphabetical order, by genre...

Thats the kind of OCD we are. It could be worse though they used to be alphabetical by director by genre, we've cut loose a wee bit.


If I had to watch all my VHS tapes, I'd be doing so until 2012. I still have a ton of them.

And Ted Neeley is not so sexy anymore. I saw him in JC Superstar a few times in the past 10-15 years. He's still a kickass Jesus though:)

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@Mr the Grumbles--So you have them in alphabetical order by genre but didn't watch them in alphabetical order? This doesn't compute. Though I am glad you're cutting loose a bit.

the grumbles

Bradshaw, the VHS's aren't in any kind of order because we don't care about them and VHS tapes are stupid. Starting now everything will be alphabetical by genre.


I can't tell you how much better that makes me feel. :)

Ashley, The Accidental Olympian

I mean, lets be honest, My Best Friends Wedding is a CLASSIC so there is no shame in loving it. Secretly, or openly.

I'm in the openly corner seeing how in high school my best friend and I learned the dance to the opening number.


We sure were cool back then.


I still have your Pokemon movie though. Marek just wanted to watch it the other day, and I was like, "Oh dear, have I screwed up their movie project?"

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