seven months old

April 7, 2010


dear jude,

this week you turn seven months old. we forge bravely ahead into the realm of month eight.  this week has been a sudden and big week of firsts.


last week you crawled your first crawl and every moment since then you move faster, go further.  you're suddenly quite a busy little person with places to go and people to meet.   your babysitter jokes about putting a swiffer on you so you can do some cleaning as you roam.

tonight, just before bed, i waved at you and you raised your chubby little hand and flapped right back at me.

last weekend, you signed quite desperately to dad for milk! milk! in baby sign language.  we're close so close! to maybe knowing more about what's going on in that quietly grinding gearbox.


you are ever the quiet zen watcher.  absorbing everything like a sponge.


from the beginning the whole mama thing was aok.  but let me tell you, it gets better every month that goes by.  it feels right.  it's really... fun, being your mama.  at least most of the time.

we lay together in the quiet parts of the morning on our bellies with our faces snuggled so close and for a few minutes we rest before it's OFF AGAIN, crawling up and around and into the corner and over the pillow and laughing and laughing.


yep. seven months is good.  eight will be better.




Sarah W

WOW, these photos are BEAUTIFUL! As is the way you talk about your son. So sweet. Makes me want one... someday.



My favorite thing to write is the Wiz Updates. Keep it up, I like to think that they'll appreciate these one day.



so sweet.


Baby butt dimples are adorable.

Your pictures are stunning.

Jude is one lucky boy to have a Mommy like you. :)

hand pecked debb
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I have a little 9 week old zen baby boy, and love the insights into our future!


Such beautiful photos! I especially love the second one. Naked baby! Ahhh!

Happy birthday Jude :)

hand pecked debb

I deleted my prev comment because my spelling was atrocious. I meant to say I'm so glad you and Biz post these pictures so my childlessness can live vicariously through you and your cute babies.


Damn but you take some good pictures. The first nakey photo is my fave:)

Excellent post, J. It (motherhood) really is quite an adventure.

Kate, aka Guavalicious

God, I love that age. Soak it up!

Ky (Two Pretzels)

Aw. Happy 7 months. :)


Those are incredible photographs and a beautiful post. It does keep getting better and more fun... soon he'll join Max in the pulling up to standing and cruising phase. Also fun, but a little scarier :) I got my first real "mama" a couple of weeks ago and my heart does a flip and I tear up every time he says it. Hooray for happy baby boys!


The butt dimples are the best BUT that last picture.... priceless and beautiful.

Amber, The Unlikely Mama

Absolutely amazing photos. I love monthly letters to baby!

Ashley, The Accidental Olympian

That last image actually made my ovaries hurt.

Damn you Jude and all your cuteness.

Happy seven months mama!


OMG! How cute! Look at those baby rolls. I can't wait for my new squishy to get here.

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