surprise, surprise, ashley's surprise!

April 9, 2010

i'd like to invite everyone to head over to Ashley the Accidental Olympian's place for a few minutes.  she received her LATFH caption contest prize yesterday and posted about it and boy oh boy am i excited!

(and what you could get, next time i do one of those thingys)

and with that, have a very happy friday.




Holy shit Jamie - that's an AWESOME GIFT!! I'm totally impressed.

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Ashley, the Accidental Olympian

I just died. That picture is basically the best thing in the whole world.

Hey, did I say thanks yet?

Oh I didn't?



Thats awesome!! Way better than the crap you usually see in blog giveaways. Congrats to Ashley!


Oh, and the camel picture totally made me ROFL. At first I thought THAT was the prize and I was like WTF?! So, yeah. Double fun post.


You amaze me.


What a sweet gift! You are very talented and from what I could see, that hipster mix is gonna be a fun one!

Sarah W

Nice work! Love it all! I wish I had the motivation to get on the computer or do anything creative after working all day designing. I commend you! Effing awesome!

Life of a Doctor's Wife

What a freaking awesome gift!! I don't even know you and I think you rock.

Ky (Two Pretzels)

(Now, I say this is a very non-kissing-your-ass way: I'm in awe. What a thoughtful, kind and sweet gift. Clearly you are a very fine human being - even finer than what I had suspected after having been blog buddies for the past little while.

You're a treasure.)

hand pecked debb

What an awesome surprise man! So Jealous!

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