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May 24, 2010

this weekend we went for a walk and stopped for a few minutes at a little park.  mostly because i was huffing and puffing carrying jude in the moby wrap (i think it's time for a mei tai upgrade around these parts, that kid is heavy).  but, also because they have swings there.  swings!  for babies!

first time in a swing. verdict is: meh first time in a swing. verdict is: meh

as you can tell, i was probably the only person there excited about swinging. except maybe bang.

i guess who needs swings when you regularly get carried around in a comfortable pouch, right?



I LOVE how long his toes are!!!

Ky •

Ha! I love babies in jeans.
And, I love it that both Jude and Lila tried out "park" swings this weekend.

We're jealous that yours wasn't rusty and that it didn't have a make shift, tied-together "seat belt."

Now that is one cute kid you have.


Looks like quite the adventure! :)


He is SO cute! I love the backdrop too. Beautiful park pics.


I love the first one with his tongue out! He looks like he needs a little caption like, "meh"

Max had just about the same reaction to his first try on a swing :)

Tell me about the mei tai upgrade- I don't know about this one- is it another wrap? I don't think Max weighs as much as Jude, but he is getting heavy for the Moby or the Bjorn.


I was just feeling the weight of my chubby bub in the Moby this weekend, too, and wondering what next? So the Mei Tei, eh?

Written Permission

"Did you just stick me up here so you could tie your shoe, or is this supposed to be, like, fun or something?"

Heehee. SO adorable!

Ashley, the Accidental Olympian

His face is precious.

"Mom. Please get me out of this. I hate it. Love, Jude."

Sarah @ OneStarryNight

I just adore his expression!!

the grumbles

Laura & Helen- yes we'll definitely be looking at a mei tai as our next carrier. It seems geared for older/heavier kids now that Jude weighs A TON in the moby. We still use the ring sling all the time but it's probably time to invest in something sturdier.

I'm eyeing a BabyHawk or here is a similar mei tai on etsy. i've heard good things about the ergo, but man, is it ugly...

wrestling kitties

Too cute! I love his face and how it looks like he is trying to figure out if he likes this or not!

Amber, The Unlikely Mama

HAHAH I have the best picture of Alexa totally NOT enjoying the swing -

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