deep dark parenting confessions (part two)

May 13, 2010

alright, internet, i've been keeping a secret from you...

i know, i know.  friends don't keep secrets from friends.  don't be mad, ok?  i'm ready to talk about it now.

for the past few weeks we have been cloth diapering.

whew!  –oh wait, that wasn't it.

not only have we been cloth diapering (part time), i have been sewing my own diaper covers.

my secret is out.


i made these. because i'm awesome.

other parents who have looked in to cloth diapers will know- covers are expensive.  usually between $15-$30+ dollars per each cover.  and obviously you need quite a few to get started because they are poop catchers, and things that catch poop tend to get... dirty.  it's in the job description.  but!  i can sew my own for about (clickity-clackity-calculations)... $3-4 each.  so i've been working away, making my own pattern and sewing elastic and velcro.

i think they're getting pretty damned good!



(fleece and microfiber cover)

cloth diapering sounds so intimidating.  when i read about it online it seemed so complicated!  with the wet pail and the dry pail and all the washing instructions and special soaps and what kind of everything you need and blah blah blah.  it was overwhelming.  but i've got another secret for you- IT'S SO FREAKING EASY and also, THERE ARE NO "RULES".

here's what we do:
1.  put a few layers of folded cloth in the cover.  maybe extra if it's nap time.

2.  fasten the cover just like a disposable.

3.  go about your business.

4.  when child is wet/dirty?  remove folded cloth.
     wet- toss it into the laundry basket.
     poop- rinse in sink, wash your hands, toss into laundry basket.

5.  see if any got on the cover.  lay new fabric inside cover and replace.

5.  do the laundry when you feel like it.  light on the detergent.

6.  the end.  seriously.  that's all i do.

people build it up to be this huge deal when it's really not.  especially since we are only doing it part time.  jude still wears disposables at night or if we are going out and about.  night time is a real challenge with cloth diapers, or so i've heard.  we haven't even tackled that issue yet.

i had this whole image in my head of all the things you need and have to have and what to use.  you know what they don't want to tell you?  virtually anything will work.  tie a t-shirt around their butt then wash it.  DONE.  you've made a cloth diaper.  it doesn't have to be complicated unless you want it to be.



(PUL water resistant cover)

it blows my mind to have these realizations that all those things marketed to parents are really pretty silly. this is not rocket science. it just seems like a nice idea to wrap that little baby bottom with soft cloth and not chemical paper. i don't like the way it feels to wear absorbent pads in my underpants, why would he?


crunchier by the day, i know.




Remember the other day when you were wondering if you inspired anyone via your parenting methods?

BAM, consider me inspired. Add this to the project list. Have you tried one at night?


So THAT'S what you were making! Very nice. I wanted to do cloth diapers but I kept hearing horror stories and people discouraged me from doing it. Sure it would have been difficult with twins, but I kinda wish I just would have fricken TRIED it without giving in to other people's advice. Especially considering I could have made a bunch of sweet covers! Dang!!

Aren't cloth diapers supposed to help with potty training too?

PS Your sewing machine is nicer than mine so I'm going to come over and use it, mmmmkay?


I just think you're so damn cool.

If I have more kiddos you are my guru for such awesomeness. :)

They look great!!

Sarah W

Dude, you totally sell those on Etsy.

the grumbles

Sarah I'd be lying if I said I haven't seriously considered it.


You're so crafty! What's funny is that just the other day I was thinking about you and wondering if you do cloth diapers. My mom always used cloth and I'm considering it, once little one is out of the preemie diaper stage!


Don't you love it?? We are long time CDers and we swear by it. I will say though, most of the issues you have read about other people having are things that pop up after having done it for awhile. It also has alot to do with your water type, kid's skin, etc. We have never had an issue unless the diaper was just worn out either.

Hooray for more semi- crunchiness! Now we just need to talk about mama cloth. ;-)

Adventures In Babywearing

I'm so impressed! So cute!~


Betsy B. Honest


if the fleece gets stanky like kitty pee soak those bad boys in white vinegar

I should whip up a few of those with ruffles on the bum for my baby girl! Ooooooh! Inspired!

Iris Took

I am also very, very impressed. Not just with the sewing, but with the earth friendly-ness of your actions.

I have a serious question though - does rinsing poopy diapers in the sink contaminate it? Do you have to then bleach the sink every time? Is that a pain?

the grumbles

Iris, I did have concerns about poop vs. sink contamination because, yuck. I usually just give it a quick soap scrub.

(not sure if this is TMI, but breastfed baby poop is SUPER EASY to wash out, it's mostly liquid, and we're still not doing a lot of foods so it definitely cuts down on the icky factor)


I am so proud of my super talented friends. YOU are amazing and should definitely market these!


Hello! I clicked over from and I completely agree with this post of yours. I started cloth diapering in July, and I think people think it's more difficult to do than it really is.

So far I have sewn two of my own all-in-one cloth diapers (with this There are several reasons I wanted to stop using disposables (they are all I used with my daughter who's now three) . . . the fun of making my own CUTE diapers is now another reason.

Ky •

Color me impressed! Way to go, lady.


My Mom cloth diapered all 5 of us kids, and I always think "if she could do it, i could do it..." we'll see though. i need to get handier at a sewing maching i think!


You are so super awesome! I'm jealous that I never picked up the sewing skill, or honed it anyway. While I'm done with diapers - hooray! - I'm still high fiving your crafty self!

Amber, The Unlikely Mama

I'm so jealous of your crafty skills! I really need to actually set up my sewing machine, it's only been in the box for almost a year :P

BTW, we have a secret. We've been using way more disposables. I've gotten lazy and I'm ashamed.

the grumbles

@amber, you doll! don't be ashamed. life is, you know, life. we're only doing it part-time for now, basically whenever it sounds like a good idea and we aren't out and about. it doesn't have to be all or nothing.

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