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May 3, 2010

in the morning last monday i drove over to jude's babysitter like i do every workday.  i parallel parked in between two cars.  i tossed my phone into the change dish and hopped out the driver's side.  i pressed the unlock button a thousand times on my way around the back to the passenger's side.  i climbed in the back of our little hatchback and unhooked the jude from his seat.

and then.  and THEN.  the tables turned.

i hefted the (large) wee jude up into my arms and ducked to step out of the back of the car when my ankle got caught on the seat belt.  time stopped.  i could see immediately that we were going to fall face first onto the pavement.  and i'm yelling in my head, "SHIT CRAP FUCK NO RAAAAAAAAAAAA!" and in the blink of an eye that felt like an eternity we were sprawled out on the concrete sidewalk, dazed and battered.

in my desperation i mostly managed to shield jude with my body.  i took the brunt of the impact and by the time he got to the ground it was more of a tiny ...thump.  he cried and screamed, more from being scared than anything else, and i laid on my back in the middle of the wet wet sidewalk and held him.

everything's ok jude, i'm here.  everything's just fine.  it was a little scary, wasn't it?

and then we went on with our day, jude no more the wiser and me, much more the band-aidier.  i was actually bleeding from quite a few places which i casually noticed much later at my desk while i was icing my elbow.

this is exactly what it means to be a mother, isn't it?  to do everything in our power to keep them from harm.  to have that flash moment before your eyes where everything doesn't turn out ok and to turn around and be the human shield.

so i guess i'm doing this right then.

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Ashley, the Accidental Olympian

Grumbles, aka human Jude shield.


I think you're doing it right. The happiness all over the Jude's face in your video the other day shows it. :)

Written Permission

Glad you guys are OK! Sounds like your Mama-Fu did not desert you when the shit when down. :)


You're definitely doing it right. :)


Quick thinking! I'm glad Jude was saved by your lightning fast reflexes! That's still some scary shit though, H's bump from the door on Thursday is nothing compared to this :)

Is your giveaway only for the bloggers who participated in k & k week on their blogs?

the grumbles

allie! no! anyone can enter. there are zero restrictions (besides the commenting thing)

Ky •

This post made me cry. (It's been a weird day.)

You're a good mama. And yes, I do believe you're doing it right.

hand pecked debb

ACK! glad to hear Jude is ok, and you aren't worst. I know that sounds horrible but I'm sure you probably wouldn't be blogging about it if you didn't shield his wee body.


It's really the only way I ever feel like a mother, if that makes sense, how easy and instinctual is it to stop him from getting hurt.

I feel so inept and young and silly with parenting in any other way until it comes from trading his pain for mine, no problem, done, sold.


dude. i'm so glad mr. jude is ok and you didn't get hurt too badly. in a strange coincidence max and i took our first fall last week, too. i was carrying him in his carseat up the sitter's driveway when i tripped on the gravel and managed to do some kind of spin move to plant him safely right-side up on the ground before falling on my face with a twisted ankle. my string of curses was yelled out loud, though. in front of their house. at 7:45 in the morning. whoops.

it was simultaneously terrifying, humiliating and strangely heroic feeling. guess all mamas have a moment like this eventually. hope this is our only one ;)


You have the reflexes of a ninja. Also, I like your new RSS button. Super catchy!

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