eight months.

May 10, 2010

hey jude!  mama here.

month eight.  eight months.

this month has been the month of crawling, and giggles, and miss bang.  oh how you love that annoying, annoying dog. you laugh when she walks by. you scream at her when she doesn't come say hello to you when you're in your bouncearound. you crawl over and lay your head down next to her and hold on to her collar. she drives me crazy so at least someone here loves her. just kidding. i suppose i love her too. if nothing else her face is ridiculous to look at.  no wonder you laugh at her.  besties for life.


you're on the move, determined to explore all the parts of the house. you fluctuate between scooting, crawling, doing the worm, and TRYING TO STAND UP WHILE CRAWLING.

holy crap!
i am so not ready for this. and at the same time, i am SO READY FOR THIS.

you are no longer happy when we refuse to let you crawl away. you must. be. moving. BYE! when you're done nursing now? you attempt to get up and crawl away.  like, what mama?  i'm done.  i've got places to be.  like over there on the other side of the couch eating your phone.  when you're done reading books? you attempt to crawl away. i'm not really sure what you're after but you have the itch to move move move.


bye jude!

oh! ok, uh, bye jude!
dad did not appreciate your pants on inside your shirt. i thought you looked quite stylish. layers are in. anyway, it kept your knees from getting scraped up.

this past week we have suspected that you are teething. cranky in the evening? occasional low fever? angrily jamming things into face? check check check.

but we've thought that before! months before! in fact in month three we could actually see one of your teeth in your gum. but still no teeth.

now listen sir, i'm not in any hurry. you've been doing fine gumming your tomatoes, quesadillas, and beans to death without teeth. we have no real need for teeth right now. but if you're going to keep up with this night time screaming it would be mighty nice if eventually there was a payout. or, you know, you just toned down some of the yelling a touch.

i appreciate your cooperation in this matter.

you continue to be the content little buddah.  quiet.  watching.  absorbing.  occasionally, giggling.  you ride around in your sling and observe the world.  you think noises are very funny, especially tongue clicking.  you immediately turn when someone does it and smile and mimick.  and you babble, mamamamamama bababababababa dadadadadada.  you play up in your bed and run your wooden teether along the rails like a tiny prisoner and laugh.  whatever, weirdo, whatever makes you happy.

is fun.

you like to ride your new baby scoots.

is REALLY fun

you REALLY like to ride your new baby scoots.

thumb smile

you thumbsucker.


caged, for now.

for mother's day we watched our first (and most bestest) zombie movie together, dawn of the dead.  or rather, dad and i watched it, and you attempted to scale the couch.  close enough.

you're a heart stealer, child.  it's been an excellent month.  next month will be better.





hand pecked debb

I hope you had an awesome Mothers Day lady. There's nothing like green overacting zombie nurse to crack me up any day.

I really want to reach over the monitor and pinch Jude and his happy happy rolls.

Happy belated mothers day to you friend.

Betsy B. Honest

I like this monthly report thing. I think I'd better start doing it. I keep forgetting who my kids were last month...


Sweet, squishy Jude!

He's a heartbreaker man!

Sarah W

Jude is one seriously cute kid.

The little prisoner photo is my favorite! And, can I just tell you, I think the pants in the shirt ensemble is way adorable.

Ashley, the Accidental Olympian

OMG the skoot smile.

Kill me now.


Those legs! What an adorable little 8 month old you've got there, grumbles! Happy belated mother's day. :-)


Oh, I love this. He so, so cute.

Written Permission

Love, love these little monthly letters. :) Can't wait to scope out the photos on my phone! (Stupid work computer...)

Iris Took

I also like the pants under the onsie. Very stylish.

BestCare Family Medical Center

That is one adorable baby!!! I like the way you have the pants inside of the shirt it is very neat and stylish looking. Those hardwood floors look like a boo boo waiting to happen so it makes sense.

He does seem to be on a mission to get somewhere. I suspect he will be an adventurer never satisfied with one location in life...he will be a wanderer.

Great blog!

Ky • twopretzels.com

Oh, oh, oh! I love it when you write Jude updates.

#1. He is so cute. I mean, those cheeks? Those eyes? That SMILE? AND, he does the worm?!?! I'd keep him, if I were you.

#2. I love that he's busy. I feel that busy children are smart children. :)

#3. I love that his besties are dogs, too. That's awesome.

#4. I laughed out loud at the idea of him rolling his teether along the bars of his crib like a "tiny prisoner."

I can't believe what a big boy sweet baby Jude is. Wow.

Why, oh, why is the time going by so quickly?! SLOW your roll, time. Please?


Yup, I still love that smile. Jude is the best smiler ever!! Yay for 8 months, he looks like such a big boy now, he's losing that baby look.


Monthly reports are so good. Since I've stopped journalling since I started blogging I should really do this too. And I love those photos! I love that crawl!

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