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May 6, 2010

couplemorehours asked on formspringTell me a joke!

well, i only know one joke.  ...are you sure you're ready for this?

three hookers were sitting in a bar.  they were passing the time, having some drinks and talking shop as ladies of the night are wont to do when the hours pass between the men in and out of their, uh, lives.  in between discussing their many creams and pills and rates and techniques, they started to argue about who was the loosest.

"oh, i'm definitely the loosest," said the first hooker, "i can fit my entire fist up my dingo." and she beamed with pride.  the other ladies snorted over their respective drinks.

the second hooker opened her gap-toothed maw into a hideous grin. "you're not the loosest!  you see i can fit my whole arm up into my cavern of sorrows!"  and she slammed down her mad dog.  the first hooker looked nonplussed.  she had been bested.

the third hooker had been watching their exchange quietly, biding her time.

she said nothing, and slipped over her stool.

....bad dum, dum.

formspring- ask me anything



holy shit.

I am adding this to my one joke repertoire. I'm pretty sure I spelled that wrong.


YES! Funny! :) Thanks!

hand pecked debb

oh snap, that's a loose giner...

ew, but I'm keeping that one handy for bad come-ons.

Iris Took

That's a good one. Fo sho.


LMAO... awful, disgusting, and hilarious.

Written Permission

Ew. And, also: BWAH!


Ashley, the Accidental Olympian



Call me crazy, but I just don't think it's realistic.


I am at once disgusted and enthralled.


I voted that MY kid got fevers during teething, but I also read that it's really common.

I would give my son some Camillia teething relief or some teething tablets, a wee bit of Motrin (just like you) and watch him closely. It always resolved itself and life went on :)

Oh, and yeah, teeth!!

PS: That sippy cup in your picture was the only thing Hollis would drink from forEVER. Loved that thing!

Betsy B. Honest



LMAO and ewwwww!

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