got's me some of these new-fangled bamboobies...

May 28, 2010

a few weeks ago an acquaintance on twitter sent out a random note, "Who wants to test out some breast pads for my friend!?"

and i jumped up and down and shouted, "me!  it's me!  pick me!"  because i have been pretty unhappy with my breast pad experiences thus far.  the disposables seem like a waste after a while and the plain-jane cotton ones i bought are nothing to write home about.

_DSC3065... i think i found something to write home about.  bamboobies was kind enough to mail me a sample to... sample, and rigorous under-shirt testing began.

technically speaking...
no problems with absorption, fit, or staying in place.  bamboobies have a unique heart shape that i worried would show under my clothes but, as advertised, they didn't.  i like to wear mine upside down for the best personal fit.  an extra bonus i noticed was that when one side did get milk on it it didn't stiffen up like other pads sometimes do.  it stayed soft and flexible so i could keep wearing it all day.  they are thin, absorbent, pink!, organic, and antimicrobial.


now, the good stuff...
the very first thing i noticed about my bamboobies was that they are SO SOFT, beyond soft!  velvety cashmere wonderous fluffy-bits.  but it isn't velvet, it's organic bamboo velour and it's totally delicious.  the kind of heavy luxurious soft that you can't resist touching.  what better for the boobs?


so you know how you have the underwear you wear every day, the workhorse underwear, and then you have your i-feel-so-pretty special underwear?  these are the latter.  for nursing moms.  they give me that magical "i'm wearing my sexy-bra" feeling. they are the cadillac maserati of nursing pads.  breastfeeding is challenging enough some days and least of all sexy or fun, but these feel like a special treat for myself.  i'd highly recommend them for yourself or especially as a gift for a new mom.

but... there's just one more little thing that sweetens the organic deal:

i wrote to their office and told them how thrilled i was to test them out, and i went to bat for you, darlings.  bamboobies is very kindly going to give away a two-pack to one lucky reader.

here's what you need to do- check out the bamboobies website and comment here telling me if you'd like regular nursing pads or their ultra-lux overnight version and comment below.  the winner will be chosen using next friday, june 4th, at noon.

extra entry:  tweet about this contest (use @thegrumbles AND @bamboobies in your tweet or else it won't count!)

win them for you, win them for a friend.  win them so you can rub their softy-soft-soft on your face.  you won't be sorry.

*full disclosure:  this is not a paid review.  i don't normally do reviews at all.  but i tested these out and i really liked them, liked them enough to share them with you.  bamboobies didn't ask me to, i'm not even sure they knew i had a blog when they sent them over.



Girl, let me tell you what. I still leak like a firehose. Day and night. Nothing I have found has stopped me from waking in puddles. Ridiculous! So, I would have to say the overnight for me. I'm so in need of help I may have to try them anyway. Lol


I don't need them, milk doesn't come in over in these parts, sadly. I wanted to breastfeed Dani so badly and thought maybe I just didn't get my breastmilk with Jay because he was so early. Alas, I was wrong. So I don't need the bamboobies, but I am glad your blog finally loaded for me! And I just realized that you probably didn't want to know all that. Sorry for oversharing.

hand pecked debb

Arg, no milk up in these boobies but I've got some preggo friends who may hump these legs if i give these lovely ladies to them.

Thanks for sharing these. I'm taking notes from all these mom blogs for that someday.

the grumbles

yes! debb consider yourself entered for your friends. i would have loved to have gotten these as a gift.


I was never much of a leaker, other than in the first month after the baby was born, but my biggest complaint about the pads I had were (1) the disposible ones chafed and (2) the cloth ones were so think I looked like I was smuggling, well, weird think cloth pads in my bra. Not. Good.

Add me to the "I want some!" list, even if it is just for my next (to be conceived) baby! I'd take the regular special heart-shaped versions (so pretty!).


I'd love to try the regular ones for daytime, but there are still nights that I leak through disposables, even at 8 months in! The overnight ones would be nice to try, too. I'm like you - I hate the disposables since they're a waste of money and the reusable ones I've tried so far have been less than satisfactory. I'd love to try these. Thanks for the great review!


I would love some daytime ones. I've had so many problems with BF. My nipples are so sensitive that I can't BF anymore but every time I pump it hurts. If bamboobies could relieve me from even a little pain, my life as a new mommy would be SO much better.

SassyTimes this! I hate disposable pads...they chafe so bad! I'd love the daytime bamboobies!

p.s. Love the name too!


My best friend just had a baby and she was JUST talking about making some of these. If I won, I would give them to her. New moms need a lil treat every now and then!


also, I think the overnight ones would be the best to try. I don't read directions very well.

Starving Student Survivor

Regular nursing pads. The baby's up every two hours, anyway, so it's not like I need one that will last eight hours.


Me please. <3


Ky •

How fun!

I would like the regular ones, please.


Devan @ Accustomed Chaos

I would LOVE to try the overnight ones! these sound like heaven


Melissa O.

The overnights would be so great! I am due any day with my fourth and while I can't wait to nurse him, I do not look forward to waking up soaked every night.

Melissa O.

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