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May 6, 2010

the night before last jude was extra tired.  we scooped him up and sent him to bed in his honeybear onesie and sat around watching true blood.  (which- true blood- another topic for another day, but seriously, isn't it just twilight for non-mormon grown ups? why are we not discussing this??)

at eleven, per our routine, we headed upstairs to get ready for bed and jon brought jude in to our room for his evening nightcap.  we all hung out on the bed, jude nursing and jon and i talking by the light of the pink lamp that i so desperately love.  and i kept thinking, man, jude feels awfully hot.  like, burning hot to the touch.  so i asked jon to run downstairs and get the thermometer and he grudgingly agreed.  jude's temperature read 101°!  panic.  so i took my temperature: 95.6°.  well that doesn't sound right.  so i take jon's temperature: 96°.  i take jude's temperature again: 100.6°.  basically, fuck you internet-recommended thermometer.  the thing is as temperamental as an old lady at a hair salon.  so without official numbers confirmation we could assume that jude had a fever and was hot, at least much hotter than us.

after a shout out to twitter we got him set up with a quick dose of infant motrin (not the recalled version) and a cool compress for his head and shuttled him back off to bed with the fan on and the windows open.  cut to yesterday morning- cool as a cucumber, as happy as ever, and fine all day.

we went to a scooter club cookout last night (an entirely different story about jon being missing for several hours) and when i cruised home with the jude around 7:30 we nursed and i got him ready for bed.  except- he felt hot.  again.  so i grabbed all the gear, took his temperature with that finicky thermometer 20 times again, and again, with the fever.


what's up guys? just learning how to drink some cool water out of this weird
cup with a cold rag on my head.

another round of motrin and some cool compresses and off to bed.  when he woke up for his nightcap at eleven he was back down to normal temperature.

it's not a high enough fever to worry about and it seems to go away quite easily so we're not too concerned.  the number one theory right now?  teeth.  he still doesn't have any... yet.  which brought up a great question- i've read several places that a low grade fever can accompany teething.  BUT i've also read that the fever theory is a myth.  it's sparked some interesting discussion and i've enjoyed hearing from other parents about it.  so, what has your experience been?  is the teething/fever relationship myth or reality?

Does/can teething cause a fever? (you may select more than one answer)
it's possible, but i'm suspicious
it did for MY kid

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It did for my kid! Every. Single. Time. W's gums also got fiery red and almost infected-looking at some points with the really bad teeth. Took him to the doc and he said that it happens a lot, it will pass, don't worry, yadda yadda. So, the fevers made sense to me. Infection = fever.

Cold rags (he liked to chew on them), motrin, and cool water in a bottle.

Dionna @ Code Name: Mama

I have read articles from more than one doctor that say:
"No, there's no medical confirmation that teething causes fever. But based on generations of mothers' wisdom and evidence, I believe it to be true."
I hope babe feels better soon!


I said unsure, which is basically my entire parenting outlook: unsure of everything.

Kyle is The Fever King. He gets fevers like I get irritated by Kesha. He had a lot of fevers when he was teething but he also had a lot of ear infections and viruses and other things while he was teething too, so I couldn't really say the culprit.

But, maybe! Possibly! Oh god, I'm no help.

Ky •

Lila's been teething for six years now, (I may be exaggerating...) and yes, at times it has indeed included a low-grade fever.

Not every time - but it certainly has.

(That picture is precious.)

wrestling kitties

That picture is wonderful. Look at that face and those big eyes! He is beautiful


I'm in the 'unsure' boat. Will is like Jennie's li'l one in that he would sometimes get fevers and sometimes...well, he wouldn't. No rhyme or reason for One thing he DID do was slobber uncontrollably. We're still convinced that he has a hole in his chin somewhere.


bb has gotten fevers when teething, low grade and they don't last long.

Hope that is what it is.

(that picture is great)

Ky •

P.S. a friend of mine is a graphic designer living in AZ. He just recently got a job at BOON (the cup that Jude is drinking) - I hear it's a PHENOMENAL place to work. Um, they have in-house daycare.

Mickey D.

I haven't experienced the teething part of child rearing yet, but I have heard this is rather common. I know that's not much help, but I thought perhaps I could add a little bit more support to this thinking.

(gosh your kid is handsome.)

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