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May 27, 2010

i apologize in advance for any shenanigans that might go on here.  i'm in a hurry this morning.  (cough cough, corporate board meeting, cough cough)

tuesday, jude stood by himself.  today, he learned how to take off his own diaper.

we're in for a world of hurt.

but i keep finding that instead of being sad about it, like everyone jokes, i am really enjoying it.  the learning and the growing and the changing- it's just amazing, yo.  A-freaking-MAZING.


what is not amazing about this? nothing.


am i giving you filler photos today? yes. but in my defense they're really good ones.



this one, ohhh, this one.
my heart.

_DSC3086 _DSC3085
_DSC3090 _DSC3092

highway to the DANGER ZONE!

something exciting for those of you with breasts tomorrow, which is most of you.


oh, and PSA for the day re: blog commenting etiquette Behave on my Blog as You'd Behave in my House from the Feminist Breeder.  words of wisdom.



Love the black and white! I think that is my favorite picture of Jude so far. I can't believe how fast he's growing. Isn't it amazing to see them learning new things and then you get to say I made that!!


OMG I just love LOVE Him. I want to eat those beefy lil hamhocks of his!

It's amazing, and heartbreaking for me, I think BECAUSE I am enjoying it so much. It's an adventure every single day. I'm (we) are lucky gals.


I know I say this all the time but seriously, his might need to keep me away from them when I meet him. Especially if there's barbecue sauce nearby. Om nom nom.


Yikes - time to take baby-proofing to a whole new level!! :)

Sarah @ OneStarryNight

It's SO exciting isn't it!! I have to make sure I enjoy every moment because my oldest son is 8yrs old and the baby is just about 8 MONTHS old, so I have a tendency to "skip" ahead "Oh I can't wait until he does ____" instead of focusing on the moment.

Hope that made sense lol.


"Highway to the danger zone" lmao. I love filler photos! That Jude, man. Such a doll!

Taking off his diaper AND standing? Yikes.


The black and white photo... Good Lord I'm getting all weepy. And he's not even my kid. Beautious.

emily bilbrey

absolutely PRECIOUS little man! his leg chub is beyond amazing. looks like you may have an early walker on your hands! (:

happy to have found you via twitter. beautiful family, yo.


Amber, The Unlikely Mama

OMG swoon! The one with baby and daddy with backs turned just melts my heart :-)

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