kindness and karma week- WINNER WINNER CHICKEN DINNER!

May 7, 2010

let's skip straight to what you really care about and save the rambling for later:

congratulations to Sarah from Ten Pennies
Penelope from Single Mom Adventures

that's right, i picked TWO winners.  because i can do that if i want to.  i'll be contacting you via email to get some information from you.

now now, before you get all up in arms, the winners were chosen by and not by me.  and i promise i'll give you another chance in the near future.

i want to thank everyone for your participation in kindness and karma week.  it was a random idea, a shot in the dark, and i'm thrilled that you all got in on the action.  it might have been a little weird to be sitting around telling myself how awesome i am without you there.  several times already in the past week i've felt a bad mood coming on and stopped, literally stopped, and thought about everything we talked about.  taking control, changing your mood.  it's hard, but i think it's working.  things are better.

i loved hearing what you love about yourselves.  sometimes i was like, "YES, i love that about you TOO!" and sometimes i was like, "WHOA! i had no idea!  that's awesome!" ...because i can't see if you have nice butts or hands.  the computer is tricky like that.

remember, you are loved and cherished by someone else.  you are important.

and most importantly, of course, you are loved by me.

... i know that's what you were really worried about.



YOU are loved by ME. Let's be clear about that.


Great contest Jamie. :) Great week of posts!


Hooray! I'm so excited!


Yay! Congrats to the winners! I totally missed out on the fun this time and I'm so bummed. Between the computer virus and vacation I just couldn't hack it. Next time!

Sarah W


And thanks for bringing us Kindness & Karma week. It was a great reminder for me to put schtuff in perspective and remember what's really important, especially when I'm mad about crap that doesn't really matter.

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